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  1. Yes, I’ll add them here. Sorry late response work been busy. My hair is thick dry and greasy wet. Last photo is less dry and true recession. My father had a Norwood 0. Moms family are 2/3.
  2. Just 1mg a day instead of .5 I take. I break tablets In half.
  3. Hi! I met with several clinics virtually. Mostly All from the restoration recommend physician portal on this website. 1/4 had 1 year wait times and were also beyond expensive which was out of my view. Other 3:4 were Hasson and Wong, feller, dorin, true, Konior, erdogan, motion clinic, asme clinic, dr diep, Lindsey. Lindsey and Konior said my hairline wasn’t bad and didn’t really need surgery but PRP and increased dose propecia. The rest all recommended grafts ranging from 800-2k. I narrowed it down to couple clinics who gave me the same grafts, hence why I’m looking at dorin. my age is definitely young for a HT, but with propecia, minoxidil I could prolong it for several years. My hairline from 20-23 hasn’t changed.
  4. Hi, so I should be in good hands with either doctors right? I’m just scared of having a failed procedure. I’m trying to do the right things once.
  5. Hi sir, I have! I’ve always had a high genetic hairline with a big widow peek. I showed doctor child pictures of me. Unlucky, I’m also receding so it’s not helping. I talked to dorin he’s great, but true is the soonest surgery date. I’m just wondering if it really matters between the two. Because he’s semi retired, he still puts his all right?
  6. Hello everyone, thanks for letting me join this forum. A lot of important and valuable information for anyone regarding hair loss! My main question is, when comparing Dorin to True is one better then the other? When looking at before and after almost all are done by Robert Dorin. Who is, an amazing and skilled surgeon who constantly provides great results and has a consistent track record. However, I can’t find much of True here or on the website. A lot of the post op photos Dorin and True post on their website are what Dorin surgically does and posts here so that’s how I distinguish them. My main concern is, does it really matter between the two if I had to choose? I know everyone on this website reiterates “do it right or don’t do it all”. Thank you for your help. 23, Norwood 2, no thinning and in propecia.
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