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  1. Thanks so much. My receding hairline was mild compared to most individuals seeking hair transplantation. Hopefully it will all fill in nicely to achieve the density I am hoping for
  2. Thanks for your observation. I’ll post again in a few months. Hopefully it will be satisfactory. This waiting game sucks.
  3. Additional grafts were placed into my original existing front hairline. It was not lowered. Once the surgeon got to the temple regions those areas were lowered slightly to achieve more of a fuller straighter hairline from side to side all together.
  4. I’ve been taking Propecia for several years, so I’ve been fortunate to have stopped any hair loss in the crown. That area is pretty full thankfully. It’s very well known though Propecia doesn’t really stop the hairline from recession, hence why I decided to fill it in with hair transplants. Is it safe to use Minoxidil on the transplanted hairline??
  5. The size of the area grafted was by no means severely bald. I chose not to lower the hairline because I didn’t want it to look too unatural. The surgeon shaved a small portion of my hairline off across my forehead and had to carefully place implants around the native hairs still within my slightly receding hairline. Plus some hairs were added to the left and right side pointy temple regions (not sure what that’s called) to fill in there as well. Hopefully it will all fill in nicely. I was just expecting more visible growth by now instead of sporadic new hairs here and there. It’s difficult to be patient and not worry. That’s just me.
  6. Those are the only two immediate post op pics I have really. I just didn’t take a lot of pics then. I’ll post another round of pics in 2 months. Hopefully there will be more growth by then.
  7. Here are 3 more 5 month post op pics taken in better lighting.
  8. The red/off color is just from the lighting bouncing around in my bathroom
  9. The two most recent pics posted are pre-op. The set of pics I posted at the creation of this post are post op shortly after the surgery and then those are followed by pics of 5 month post op. The last two pics posted in this thread are from several months pre op. Someone had asked to see pics pre op, so I added them to the thread
  10. I’m gonna hold off on the clinic reveal for now, but here are two pics pre op. My hairloss was definitely not as extreme as most people. Just some recession of the hairline which bothered me, hence why I decided to get a hair transplant to add more density.
  11. I had a fue procedure this past March 2021. I’m now at the 5 month post op mark, but there is very little growth so far. I had 1300 grafts placed along the hairline and temple regions. Nothing on the crown was needed. The 1st two pics are shortly after the procedure. The next 3 are from now. Should I be seeing much more growth by now or am I just being extremely impatient? Any feedback would be appreciated.
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