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  1. Oh yeah? I am honestly not sure... I will have to clarify this with the person I was talking to.
  2. I have recently gotten an assessment from Dr. Bisanga, yes. He is very expensive...! His results look amazing, but I don't think that Bisanga will be the guy for me unfortunately
  3. Hey guys, thanks for the update! Actually I have seen Rossybops thread before, I had just forgotten about it. I am really happy that your HT has worked out well for you!! It looks great. Thank you very much for the information regarding Dr. Anastasakis. Always nice to hear that former patients are pleased with their results. And yes, one of the big reasons I am considering Anastasakis, is because he does both FUT and FUE. I believe that I will need both, cause I have a whole lot more hair loss that you did... Haha.
  4. Hey guys, this thread dropped off a while ago, but... Rossybop, did you make a decision yet on a doctor? Dr. Anastasakis is very much on my radar. I am hoping to have a video consultation with him sometime later this month.
  5. Very interesting. I know that he on the IAHRS website, which surprised me a little at first. I have seen a few bad reviews, but as I stated before, it is hard to know who to believe a lot of times. I feel like the bad reviews get "amplified" more than the good ones.
  6. Dr. Yaman only does one patient per day?? I thought he did several patients a day. Where did you hear this? Other places that I am interested in are Dr. Demirsoy and Dr. Sahinolgu in Istanbul, Dr. Sikos in Budapest, and Dr. Path and Dr. Thitiwat in Bangkok. If I had lots of money, then Hasson and Wong might be my first choice, in my home country of Canada. Dr. Alba Reyes was an early contender for me as well in the Dominican Republic, but I think I have crossed her off my list.
  7. Indeed. But hey... I have been told that they are reverting back to 1 - 2 patients a day, so maybe AEK can get back on top? I find it hard to see how a hair mill would revert back to boutique style, it seems like a weird maneuver, but I really have no idea how the true logistics of a clinic work. Only time will tell! There are a few other places I am looking into as well. I am not rushing into anything, I have already been researching a long time, and I know that I will find the right fit for me eventually.
  8. 8 rooms? Wow, they have always struck me as being such a small clinic. I guess I was wrong...! Have you been to their clinic recently or something? Just curious about how you are aware of this.
  9. One other point I think worth mentioning, is that if you opted for an FUT procedure at AEK, then Dr. Karadeniz would be more involved in your procedure. He would remove the strip, close it up, and do your hairline incisions. Whereas many people do FUE only, in which case Dr. K only draws the hairline and all the extractions are implantations are done by techs. At least this is my understanding from what the patient coordinator has told me. I am also not trying to defend AEK, I am just stating that Dr. K is more involved if you chose the FUT method. JohnAC71... I have submitted a consultation to Dr. Bisanga. We will see what he says! I asked Dr. Bicer about an FUT procedure at her clinic, she still does them but said she only does them for smaller cases, maybe 1200 grafts. I get the feeling that they are not overly keen on doing any FUT at all. FUE is their main business I suppose.
  10. I am a 32 year old Caucasian male, currently a Norwood 6. I began taking finasteride in December of 2020. I have noticed a bit of an improvement - my hair loss has slowed down since I started it. I did not feel comfortable taking the medication in my 20s, hence why I only started recently, after I already had a significant amount of loss. I would prefer to not share photos at the moment 🙂 I have heard many good things about Dr. Bisanga but have not looked into him in depth, but now I definitely will! Really appreciate the advice so far guys, thanks.
  11. Bicer does indeed offer FUT, yes. I asked her about it and she said she can only achieve about 2000 grafts in a strip session. She said if I wanted a higher number than that, then it would be best if I looked elsewhere. So here I am. But with that said, I guess it is totally still an option? As long as I could do another 2000+ FUE session in the future. I wonder would Dr. Bicer give me a proper FUT + FUE combo?! In one session. Or broken up over 2 days or whatever... one trip. Maybe I will ask her, haha. Dr. Ilker Apaydin is another plastic surgeon in Istanbul who does FUT. I have been in contact with him, but his results seem a little hit or miss.
  12. Dang, this is certainly a shame. When I asked what was the reasoning for increasing their prices, they told me that they are increasing their service quality, and only taking a maximum of 2 patients a day. Not much of answer, but that's what they said. I found this strange, because I was initially told several months prior to this that they only take 2 patients a day. Dr. Bicer was the first doctor in Turkey that I contacted. I had a video consultation with her, and I was generally impressed with her. She has a lot of good buzz around the HT community right now. The only issue is that I am only 32 and have fairly extensive loss, so I am hesitant to start with a 3800 graft FUE procedure (this is the number she gave me in our consultation). Hence why I am trying to find a suitable FUT doctor.
  13. Hello everyone! Has anyone had a recent operation with Dr. Ali Emre Karadeniz, at AEK Hair Clinic in Turkey? By recent, lets say within the last year, or roughly June 2020 onwards? I have seen some positive reviews from around 2016 - 2019 on various forums, but I am interested to hear about some more recent experiences, so please share away, if you have them!! AEK is definitely on my short list of clinics, but there are a few negative reviews floating around the internet. I could be wrong, but it seems like they transitioned from a boutique style clinic, doing 1 -2 patients a day, to a more tech-heavy clinic, doing several patients a day. Please don't take my word for this - I am only drawing this conclusion based on bits of information that I have pieced together from various forums and reviews. It's so hard to know who you can believe these days...! One other thing, which I can confirm as a fact, is that their prices recently went up, by a decent amount. A few months ago, one of their clinic coordinators gave me a price of 5500 Euro for an FUT + FUE combo operation. Just the other day, I happened to check their website, and the price for the same operation was listed as 7100 Euro. I wrote the clinic coordinator, and he confirmed that the price had indeed increased, and 7100 was the new rate. I enjoy the fact that AEK offers FUT surgery, not only FUE. Anywho, I hope to hear from some of you folks regarding recent experiences at AEK! Thanks.
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