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  1. This is what I mean…with dermmatch is the roughness of application process. You not patting your scalp and your hair with it. You dragging the applicator (even their youtube clip shows that). Small weak hair are being simply pulled out with the time causing baldness more obvious. I am 1000000% sure…
  2. Sorry but this part: “ To the other people reading this topic, Dermmatch has been around for years used by many people without any issues, myself included. And the forum moderator. It can be a very useful tool for managing your hair loss by giving you that temporary appearance of having a fuller head of hair now.” Simply you are terrified for some reason people might be concerned to use it after reading my post. Very strange? Hmmmmmmm makes me think…
  3. I am a real guy and sorry but your last post sounds like an advertisement of this product. I am mot saying is not good, in fact its brilliant only the application process is a concern of mine. Thanks
  4. Right. Got the advise of trichologist and was told that months of applying dermmatch could stress thin areas leading to further accelerated loss. Not the dermmatch itself but daily application, fraction and using sponge aplictaor could be constantly stressing weak areas. So yeah as I thought unfortunately.
  5. Yes. I get that but it was unchanged for last 10-11 years. Not progressing. When I was in 30s patch started appearing it took 2-3 years and everything settled steady. I used minoxidil for over 2 years no change, finsterdide for 2 years no change so I stopped. This was 8 years ago. Since i stopped no change in hair loss. Got Dermmatch as a present last August. Started using. Year after hair loss progressed badly. How come. Again I no redness from it, no allergic reaction. Used it daily. Every time straight after shower first thing in the morning. Hair towel dry hair. Drop of water. So yeah…..only thing I changed is I started using Dermmatch. I believe spongy applicator was pulling out my weaker hair and over time simply speeded up/worsened my hair loss. A year ago i could use Toppik only. No way I could get good coverage now. So in short nothing happening for 10 years. August last year started using dermmatch daily. Spot smoothened and since and grew in size.
  6. I don't have before photos sorry. No. I am Caucasian white European male from central Europe with medium brown straight hair. But I am sure there was more hair in places where I applied it. Spongy applicator is dragged along scalp therefore it made me think could lead to traction alopecia and cause the loss of hair in places where applied as hair remained unchanged for last 10 plus years and it worsened since started applying it. No skin redness, itching so no other skin reactions were present.
  7. Hello Gents and Ladies. I am new to this forum however I am looking to get some feedback on Dermmatch and potential correlation with further cause of hair loss. In short ive started using Dermmatch over a year ago. I am 44 yo male with slowly developing bald patch at the back of my head. For last 10 years it remained unchanged. Dermmatch worked amazing however every time when i used it I've noticed small amount hair of falling out. I tried to change the technique of applying and used it dry, wet, slightly dry, dabbing, smearing. Final results were always amazing. After almost a year of using it I've noticed the spot i was applying it to became silky smooth with not even single hair on it. In fact surrounding areas i applied it too to became much thinner. I am a strong believer that the fraction caused by sponge applicator simply pulls remaining hair out over the time worsening areas its been applied too. I did applied it extremely gently. Anyone experienced similar?
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