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  1. Everything is very simple in fact. There are many factors that can negatively affect your wigs. Do you like to visit the pool? A common story, isn't it? But.. Much depends on the amount of chlorine that is used to purify water. Any public pool applies maximum doses for maximum decontamination. I understand that this is necessary but I see in practice how negatively it affects the system. I stopped going to public pools because of this. I want to go to a small spa center now. They use robotic vacuum cleaners to clean the pool. You can see what I mean with this Triton PS review. But this method is most often used by small private SPA centers (or children's centers with a pool), since the purchase of such robots is more expensive than chlorine treatment. It would be cool to have my own backyard pool but I can't afford to build it yet. So the choice is really small. You can have one system for visiting the pool (from inexpensive options) and replace it every couple of months (with an active visit to the pool with chlorine).
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