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  1. Wait 5-10 years until they can clone hair, then you can go for it. Until that happens save your money.
  2. Yeah my english might not be the best cause i am not from US or UK but i think every1 understand what i mean with this thread.
  3. I never said there is not plenty of them but there is loads uncompleted threads aswell. And i really dont want consults to post threads that the clinic choose 1 out of 100 on a perfect transplant. Its better if they dont post that kind of threads. The best thing is real patients in the forum that had a HT that post from start to the end.
  4. Well, i mean people that started a post after their HT and never completed it.
  5. The consults are just given the best transplants to post, thats kind of bullshit in my opinion. I would like to follow a transplant from start with all information. Hair thickness, hair type and so on. I would like 2-3 patients a week from the consults from start today to the end after 1 year. Not finish ones that they are saticefied with to post.
  6. I have done a hair transplant, i will start to post my experience when i am at 2 month mark.
  7. I agree, they have the pics in the clinics cause they have follow ups. Why not put them up on patients that started a thread and then stopped it.
  8. Hi i would like to see the outcome of patients that had a transplant from start to the end. Many people dont complete their posts, why cause of a bad transplant. This is what matters in my opinion and not pictures posted from clinics where they post the best resaults they have got and they just choose what to show. I would like the consults to complete the threads if possible of patients cause i know they have follow up and send pics to the diffrent clinics. If i would have a perfect or a good transplant i would show every1, if not maybe i woudnt so i suggest the consults to show pictures of cases that have stopped. I never trust results cause its simple they choose the best ones maybe they do 100 transplants in a month and they just show us 10 cases, so the success in 10%. I only trust people that post their process from start to end. If the consults can update us on cases that is not completed it would be awesome. Thanks.
  9. You really dont need that many grafts. Hairline max 800 single grafts and then just fill in the rest with double triple grafts between your existing hair maybe 1200 more. Will be enough. I screwed the hairline its a little bit to low though but still you dont need many grafts.
  10. I didnt use any head band, they said ice but i used it like 1 time a day only. Well i looked like a baloon after 1 day but all swelling disapered after 2 days and i looked ok after that. The swelling doesnt hurt but you look like shit, was funny thought to look like a baloon.
  11. Here is my density at 2nd day big diffrence. Can you see that your density isnt that good if you compare? I did almost 4000 grafts.
  12. Btw where did you do it, nice to know for the rest of the members in here to avoid the clinic. I wish you good luck for the future.
  13. very bad job, you always place single grafts in your hairline.
  14. well my doc did the extractions and made the holes on my head, the techs only sorted the grafts and places the grafts in to the holes that the doc made, the angle and so on. So i can still not get it why you overpay in US. So if he placed the grafts in to my head he would do the whole thing alone.
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