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  1. Yes, please update. I have high hopes for this result. I'm thinking magic is going to happen if this is only month 5.
  2. Forgot to mention, I live in North East Georgia, but I don't want to compromise for quality just for convenience. However if all else being even if they were in say North Carolina. That would be beneficial.
  3. So I used to always hide my terrible head shape with my hair. over the years my forehead has gotten quite large and always has been but now I've come to the realization that lot of people can see my headshape through my thin hair. It's no just so much that my hair has been thin like this for decades and only slightly moved worse a few years ago and it's pretty much back to exactly prior with the help of minoxidil. I do not have hair loss any more even though i've been been using finasteride and used it for 6 months but found myself occasionally having some concentration issues from it. It coul
  4. Who is your doctor, these results are phenom
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