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  1. No specific advice. However I do understand your concern. I am in a similar situation to yourself. Hopefully some of the more experience members of this group will share their wisdom.
  2. Thanks for your post Mr Moderator @Melvin-Moderator.
  3. No, it was the day after. The swelling was a bit dramatic but from what I see from others it pretty normal/common. It subsided after a week.
  4. @T95good I did just see your post after I posted😀. Thanks. I will follow your posts. Hopefully everything works out well for you.
  5. Thanks for responses. I will definitely post monthly. I think it is starting to fill in but hard to tell. I will post again one month after my original post! The surgeon was Dr. Ilker Apaydin in Turkey.
  6. @Ittiaz1how's it going? Hope you are feeling better? Have you made any progress since your last post about a month ago(in two days time:)? Has your frontal area filled in a bit or at least are you seeing any growth there?
  7. Hi all, I had 2800 grafts from middle to front of my head. Initially thought it was going well and now a little worried. I know I need to sit tight but cannot help but think it’s not going be an end result I am particularly happy with. I would appreciate your thoughts. I have included a few photos from different views for you to see and comment on. Many thanks
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