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  1. I think the price per graft was 2.25 EUR. I don't think you always have to have a beard. Others who have taken hair from the beard, had no visible scars. But I guess I will see that with me soon. No, he didn't say what the donor capacity was. But he said it will have capacity afterwards. How much that will be exactly, we could first find out later. He didn't use the whiskers because the other hairs are exhausted. But if he sees that the hair from the back of the head is not enough, then he mixes in hair from the beard from the beginning. He transplanted the hair from the beard fr
  2. He said that my hair is generally a little curly, making it a little more challenging to take out. He also said that the beard hairs are very thick. But other than that, he didn't mention anything. In the picture, the beard hairs look more curly than they actually are.
  3. Here are pictures of my beard. It was difficult to take good pictures. Can you recognize anything? The density is less than before. I hope it comes back a little. I know the article by @Portugal25, it was one of the reasons why I chose Dr. Kaan. I don't know why the pictures are rotated.
  4. Thanks a lot guys. rob7331, you have to see the price relatively. Compared to the doctors who use a micromotor, it is more expensive. But to those who also do it manually, he is good at it. Everybody has to decide for himself if the manual removal is worth it. And that the Dr. does the whole process himself. So far I am satisfied with the surgery and Dr. Kaan. Hopefully, the final result will also be good. It may be worthwhile to do it during the pandemic because you have little contact with other people during that time. I will take a picture of my beard tomorrow
  5. Hello people I had my HT exactly 3 months ago. I first shared my reports in another forum. Since I often read here, I want to make it available to you guys as well. ***************** My old post ***************** Good day dear forum community Like most of you, I have been a silent reader here. Now I would like to return the favor by sharing my experience. My background: Currently I am 34 years old. The hair loss started a little over 10 years ago. I was aware from the beginning that I would eventually do HT. Then about 1.5 years ago (fall 2019) I contacted doctors
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