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  1. Within 10 days, grafts can be pulled out. Past 10 days, they are settled in. You can still have them taken out, but it would require some type of surgical intervention.
  2. bumping this. this is also a shower thought I continuously have
  3. i haven't read every post in this thread, but my slapstick impression to these pics is this is really severe balding in the crown. I doubt even Dr. Konior or any other elite doctor could fix this crown just in one go. I do think ultimately you can have good coverage in the crown (maybe just some signs of balding there), but it will require 2+ HT's and will be a multi-year journey. Again keep in mind that even an "amazing" result in your case may reveal some crown balding still.
  4. ditto this 100%. Heat straightening is really bad for the overall health of hair. Which sucks, bc my transplant hair has grown in curly (my native hair is straight), and I would totally do brazilian blowouts and other heat straightening, if not for the damaging effects. So I am stuck with using gel when i want to look really good. Which is fine and I have accepted it, but kind of annoying to add it to my morning routine.
  5. I agree hair transplants are about managing expectations and at heart are an illusion of density. Even objectively great HT's can look bad under harsh lighting, have small areas here and there that didn't grow, and people may be stuck with certain hairstyles. I'm being somewhat sarcastic, but I always see people with HT's on here with the same slicked-back hairstyle. Its like that is the uniform post-HT look. I think this is in part because doing some wild/hip Robert-Pattinson style haircut would expose the sub-natural density of HT's. I do think perfect HT's (those with none of the abov
  6. Really good result overall! For the small section without hair, honestly maybe the doc or tech made an error of some kind, or didn't put enough grafts in. But as you experienced firsthand, even great HT's are not 100% perfect.
  7. @makehairgreatagain at what month did you notice growth? the doc is James Harris in Denver. I've attached 3 pics post that are 5 days post op. Again just stating the 400 grafts was agreed upon to improve the crown, not make it perfect, as Dr. Harris was concerned that trying to make the crown perfect could lead to a negative outcome. I am a NW 3 now, and Dr. Harris explained if he was to give me "perfect" crown coverage, it could look unnatural if I were to move into more worse crown loss. He also explained he normally doesn't work on the crown on people under 40 (I am 31). I appreciated his h
  8. Hi all, October 2020 I got 1600 grafts in the front and 400 in my crown. The front grafts started growing in around month 4 - exactly as scheduled. Ive had 2 previous HTs in the front, and for all 3 the grafts started to pop through around month 4. However, I am unsure if any growth has occurred in the crown yet, and it has been over 6 months. Honestly, some of this may just be because the crown is harder to examine up close, but on face value I can't see any difference pre-HT. This is the 1st time I've had work done on the crown, so not sure if I should be concerned. My doctor
  9. Pics please. While growth can and does happen from 7-12 months, you should really be seeing the blueprint/foundation/snapshot of the HT end-state by 5 months if not earlier. By 5 months, if you have large sections of your recipient area that have absolutely zero growth, I honestly would be a bit concerned. Of course, the official response, and what you will hear often, is that it is possible for people to have zero growth at all and then just when they lose all hope, by month 8 or 9 they miraculously have profound growth and the their initial worries are unfounded. However, I would say t
  10. do people think his transplant is curly because it that's how the donor area hair is, or could doctor/tech error have anything to do with that? Is there any way that can be fixed?
  11. @tressful11 sorry to hear about your situation. there really is no excuse why your donor should look like that. who was the doctor who botched you? unless they have offered you a full refund (and even then) you have no reason to keep the doctor's name a secret. I would be hesitant to go to Hasson and Wong. They have been known to butcher the donor region (even if the rest of the hair looks great). Since you are specifically seeking a donor repair I would be wary. I think SMP may actually be the best path. SMP can look really horrible on other areas of the head, but I think it
  12. You require a lot of grafts. Even 1 homerun HT from a world-class surgeon may not be enough. I imagine you will need at minimum 2 HT's - and maybe more- before you get a satisfactory result. And even then you may just become turn into a NW3. With your loss a doctor may consider it very riskly to give you a NW1 type-hairline. Not to discourage you at all, but have you given a hair system an honest shot? Going down the HT route may be an appropriate choice, but considering multiple surgeries and subsequent growing time, it may be a 3 year yr journey before you acheive a result you a
  13. @BDK081522 @HairNTear thanks. so any proudct, whether its gel or Reuzel, isn't unhealthy for the hair? its just for styling purposes pomade is the best product to use?
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