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  1. true true. at face value with no treatment, I think a receding hairline but no crown baldness is better than a a perfect hairline but horrible crown. But if crown loss is significant but not too bad, I think Id rather have a good hairline and minor crown loss. Concealer works great for the crown and is not that annoying to make part of your routine. But ppl are generally SOL for a receding hairline unless they go the hair transplant route.
  2. Would be interesting to know if the doctor mistakenly underestimated the # of grafts needed, or truly intended a conservative # of grafts for the first round.
  3. Unless you get side effects from Fin or Min, it is dumb to not take them post HT. The only reason to avoid taking Fin is if you get some type of sick pleasure from chasing future hair loss with even more hair transplants.
  4. @BeHappy I'm 2.5 years past surgery. The transplant hairline hair is pretty curly while the native/natural hairline hair is straight/unremarkable. My donor hair can be curly if I grow my hair out, so perhaps it is just a result of the transplant hair naturally being curly. Or it may have been a surgery error. Regardless, product tames it into a good hairstyle. So while its kind of annoying to use product all the time, my hair can still look great and I've learned to just live and accept it. At the same time, last yr I had a consult with Dr. Diep about it and he said it is not too uncommon, and hair can soften/straighten up to 3-5 years. So I have hope, but still look great with product regardless. Thanks for your comments on shampooing! Really helpful.
  5. Hi all, My post-transplant hair is a bit wild without using paste or gel, so I use that whenever I want it to look good. My shower routine thus far has been shower w/o shampoo in the morning, put in product, then shower w/ shampoo at night to remove the product. I wasn't really working out due to COVID, but now that the gyms are opening up I've been going again. I feel gross not shampooing my hair after working out. So now my routine is 1) workout 2) shower with shampoo 3) put product in 4) shower at shampoo at nighttime when its ready to remove the product. Is it bad to shampoo hair 2x a day? I feel I must shampoo my hair after a long sweaty workout. But is shampoo necessary to remove product from my hair, or is water w/o shampoo enough? If it helps answer, I read that people with naturally greasy hair can benefit from shampooing 2x a day. But my hair is not greasy, so that wouldn't apply. So essentially wondering if: 1) Shampooing 2x a day is bad for hair health? 2) If it is, can I remove all the product from my hair with just water, and is shampoo unnecessary for product removal? Thanks!
  6. Nice @Rossybop its a good result! Do you normally wear your hair with your bangs down? I'd love to see what it looks like with a side-part. You have the right attitude and knowledge regarding hair transplant shortfalls. If you do do a Round 2, I would wait 5-10 years so that the doc could also address any further native hair loss that occurs, in addition to topping off HT #1, all in one surgery. (obviously I hope the rest of your native hair stays put, just being realistic lol).
  7. How does your hair "stop" growing after a certain length? Does it fall out at 5cm? I don't think its possible for hair to just like not grow. I'm not sure if this helps your situation at all, but my transplant hair has a really curly texture and is very hard to style when it's a short-ish length. The more it grows out and the longer the length is, the tamer it gets and the more easy it is to style.
  8. Echoing what BeHappy said, the usual is 4-5 nights. Ask clarification from your doctor. Essentially just plan on being really sleep deprived the first week post-op. No matter what cushion/pillow you get, you are going to be uncomfortable. Not only just from sleeping upright, but also because most docs make you apply saline spray every 2 hours around the clock the first couple days. Also your head might be very very itchy. Just accept that you will get terrible sleep the first few days.
  9. @Rossybop looking good and par for the course really. You may have further grafts pop in, and existing grafts thicken, but I would say after 6 months post-op you won't be seeing any significant or revolutionary visual changes. 6 months in, you have a good snapshot of the end-result (there are exceptions to everything of course, etc.) Super common to get a 2nd touchup procedure to add density, if you desire. It's rare to get a perfect result in one go. It seems like you already know this, but even practically all hair transplants can be "detectable" upon close examination, bright light, etc. I would only worry about that tho if you were a celebrity or other public persona with your face in tabloids with every millimeter of your face and hair being analyzed. The only real-life people who really visualize hair to the extent needed to detect hair transplant work (in a good result) are hair obsessives like ourselves.
  10. you hit the nail on the head with all of these. HT candidates should have realistic expectations and know the end-goal, while it can be a very significant improvement, will never be perfection.
  11. I believe its natural to have an asymetrical hairline. Even people with zero hairloss can have asymetry. It's something only you yourself may notice, and your Ht doc may have done this on purpose. Curious to see what others think tho. Is an asymmetrical hairline natural? Regarding the sideburns, I honestly have never seen a sideburn hair transplant like that. Ummmm I don't know what to say regarding that...
  12. imagine hopping on Fin or Dut at the very very first sign of hair loss, being a great responder to the meds, and being able to avoid the stressful and costly HT process altogether
  13. @MarkoJust like others have said, you are not a good candidate. At best, you can get on a 6 month to 1 yr waitlist to see an elite doctor, spend 30k, and look like a balding NW3. And thats in the best case scenario. Whats more likely is a multi-year long journey, multiple surgeries, a sh*t ton of stress, to end up like a NW3 or NW4. IMO no young person should go through the tremendous stress of a HT with the goal of still looking like they are balding. If you were in your 50s or 60s it may be different, but it doesnt make sense for a young person to put themselve thru that torture. Looks like you are in decent shape. How tall are you? If you are tall and in shape the bald look might suit you. If your height is not impressive, maybe try the hair system route. It gets a bad rap, but can't knock it till you try it.
  14. Dutasteride is really just a much stronger form of Fin. If you have zero side effects from Fin, I see no reason to NOT make the jump to Dut. It just provides even more protection, so no reason to not to be on it. I was on Fin for a year, zero sides. I've now been on Dut for 2 years and again zero sides. If you did have sides from Fin, I imagine the sides from Dut would only be worse. That's the only reason I can think to not be on Fin or Dut.
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