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  1. Are you really saying that hair transplants have more of a stigma than gender-reassignment surgery? LOL. FWIW I've had 3 hair transplants and have had no stigma at all. I've gone on a date and hung out with friends in public with scabs on my scalp still. For one of my procedures I had to publicly let 6 co-workers on my team know why I wouldn't have my webcam on for meetings for 2 weeks, and no one batted an eye. If anything I think people associate hair transplants with having $$$ in the bank and caring about how you look. Those are positive traits in my opinion.
  2. whats the need? have you been wearing a hair system for all this time, and if you showed up with weird ugly duckling hair transplant self your coworkers, friends, etc would wonder where all your hair went? I would have anxiety too is that was the case. But if its just cosmetically you don't want to be seen during the ugly ducking HT phase, I say just suck it up - consider it a rite of passage that every HT guy goes thru. Hair Systems are really high maintenance and can be anxiety-provoking themselves, so I don't really see see it as a solution.
  3. looks like good work. Ironically, I think his face tats suite a bald head better.
  4. oh interesting. do you put sunscreen on it or otherwise protect it from the sun? does the sun dramatically increase fading or not really?
  5. I was interested in SMP for myself at one point on my crown (NEVER get it anywhere but the crown!!!) and actually went to an SMP clinic to talk so the artist himself about it. SMP is basically a tattoo, and all tattoos fade. You will need an SMP touchup every 5 years or so. SMP is not as bad as surgery, but you will still need days to recover and you will look weird for awhile. Not only that, but tattoos are extra sensitive to the sun, so you will always need to put sunscreen on the SMP area or wear a hat. The fakeness of SMP can be easy to spot, especially under bright lights. You do have aggressive hairloss so I understand why both doctors unfortunately rejected you. My advice: Accept baldness, be 6 ft. tall, be jacked, have a symmetrical face. Being a millionaire is optional but always helps. Or wear a hair system. They are pretty high maintenance but get the job done. Sorry hair transplants are not for you. I know you are frustrated but do not get SMP.
  6. I've been following the Gabby Petito disappearance and its remarkable to me how the boyfriend is a 23 yr old NW 7 and how did he he ended up with such a hottie. I doubt he has an amazing personality. He must either be 6ft+ tall or have a massive d*ck to make up for it. This guy looks like an absolute lost cause in terms of hair restoration. He looks a decade or more older than he really is. Jesus Christ. What do you think happened? Did Gabby break up with him on their road trip because he is bald and he couldn't handle it? How does this bald murderer get hot chicks yet I'm a Nice Guy™ with a full head of hair but still forever alone.
  7. many doctors are much more hesitant to operate on the crown of young patients than on the hairline. The reason is it can take much longer for the "final form" of crown loss to appear than the hairline. You wouldn't want your minimal crown loss to be operated on now, then have more drastic crown loss down the road, and have your previous crown surgery look goofy and unnatural and be forced (rather than voluntarily) need a 2nd procedure. If crown loss is your main concern, just put toppik on it for the time being. Concealer works like a charm on the crown and is super easy, low-maintenance, and only takes seconds each morning to do once you get into the habit of doing it. Go back to the docs office when you are 35-40 if your minor crown loss still bothers you. Ironically, the worse your crown loss gets, the more doctors are willing to work on it as it as the surgery is much easier and less complicated the worse the hairloss is. Still, would rather have your current level of minor hairloss and use topic vs significant crown hair loss and have all the risk and stress that comes with surgery.
  8. Poor result, for all the reasons already stated. Don't waste another 6 months waiting around and obsessing for a miracle to happen. Instead, accept reality and the poor outcome, so that you can now start putting the wheels in motion for your repair surgery. Once you have your repair surgery marked on the calendar (hopefully from a better clinic!), you will start to be able to put this poor surgery behind you.
  9. Drake has nothing to worry about. He could spend 200k and see Dr. Konior tomorrow if he wanted to. And yes, I absolutely believe anyone with enough money and clout can skip the waitlist.
  10. Joel McHale is a great example of how hair affects attractiveness.
  11. its kind of ironic. before I went down the road of 3 hair transplants, I always thought toupees/wigs/hair systems (whatever you called them) were horrible and who in their right mind would wear them. But after going through the extreme stress, uncertainty, cost, and waiting game of 3 hair transplants, I have a much more favorable opinion of hair systems. I think hair systems are a great option if someone is a NW 6 or NW 7 and the best a HT could bring them to is a NW 3 or NW 4, and they would only be satisfied showing no hair loss at all. Also if people demand their hair to be perfect, and demand to have a hairstyle that they cant do with a hair transplant, a hair system is the way to go. That being said, hair systems seem awfully high maintenance. And eventually you will have to have that awkward talk with a romantic partner that you are wearing a wig. And if you wear a wig around coworkers or friends, its not like one day you can wear the wig and take a break the next day and show up to the office bald. It seems like a lot of effort having to do it everyday. But just like with every habit, I'm sure you'd get used to it.
  12. @cutiebunnie i do see what you mean, your forehead is objectively big. I don't think its necessarily ugly or unattractive, but yes it is definitely noticeable when you point it out. You may be stuck between a rock and a hard place being so young. It may not feel like it, but 19 is incredibly young and as other have said you may be hard-pressed to find a doctor who will operate on you. That being said, I'm sure you will find a doctor, somehow or somewhere, that will operate on you. But be careful. You don't want to make a regretful situation and have a negative outcome, and then be chasing additional corrective hair transplants, which would be doubly ironic since you don't even have male pattern baldness. If your big forehead is only affecting you internally/psychologically, and you still do fine with girls and have a good life otherwise, maybe see a therapist instead. No one under the age of 25 should really be getting a hair transplant (and even 25 is really young and doctors may turn you away then!)
  13. @JWard I would actually say that being on the "older" side is the best time to get work done for crown loss, and barring other issues I think most surgeons would welcome you. I'm 32 and have had multiple doctors reject me for crown surgery. They have told me they are very cautious on working on patients under 40, because crown loss has a way of sneaking up on you and the final form of crown loss appears much later than frontal hairline loss does. Even if your crown continues to thin, by 60 the docs should be able to tell what your final form of loss is.
  14. @Luca456 my opinion is going to be really unpopular around here. You are going to get people telling you you need to wait 8-10 months in order to see the true picture. I have had 3 transplants, 2 bad and 1 good. For all 3, 4-5 months WAS enough time to tell the final result. Don't waste months and months sitting around obsessing about your hair and looking in mirrors 24/7. If your gut tells you the HT was a failure, your instinct may be correct. Instead of wasting time being anxious and depressed, start looking at other HT docs to do a repair now, so you can get that scheduled as soon as this current HT is finalized. You will get people in this thread sharing examples of guys with no results and then at month 9 a miracle happens and their HT's are rocking. These people are really the freak exceptions, and chances are you are not one of them.
  15. why not just switch to Minox and Dut and get rid of the fin? If you don't suffer side effects from either Fin or Dut, there is no reason to not just upgrade fully to Dut
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