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  1. Update: Going to see Dr. Nadimi sometime this summer for a consultation. Her staff says the wait is about 6-7 months on average.
  2. I'm a little bit of hypochondriac, and would overthink it if my state of mind is altered in anyway. If lets say I have a bad week (and it's not from Finasteride) I would likely get off the medication immediately. It's why I don't think I'm particularly fit for taking it. However if my recession progresses further within the year I would definitely consider it more.
  3. I'm in a competitive program and don't want anything to possibly alter my state of mind. But I will seriously consider finasteride later on down the road. I'll be sure to discuss this with Konoir/Nadimi when I get a consultation with them. My hope is they come to a similar conclusion I have. Thanks for talking me out of Bosely, you guys convinced me to ditch Bosley just by their bad reputation.
  4. Can you get away with no Finasteride? I'm not a fan of the possible side effects. I have tons of hair, I just have a receded temple area (that was always thin even as a kid). My dad has perfect hairline (no loss), but I think my hairline resembles my grandpas. That's why I think I can get away with just filling it up and not take Finasteride. I do use some rogaine atm with zero side effects
  5. Thank you so much! I haven't dropped a deposit for Parungao and I should have done way more research. I just assumed all MDs are equal
  6. For Konior/Nadimi do they just extract grafts and have technicians plant them or do they do both? I'm just confused how one clinic would be obviously superior to another
  7. Hi thanks, on her instagram there is a patient that is very similar to my situation and his transplant looks great. It's what inspired me in the first place. But I'm weighing between doing a procedure this summer or next summer. On the topic of Bosley, why is it necessarily bad? Shouldn't it be up to individual doctors? Or does Bosley have bad technicians?
  8. Hi, does anyone know or have any experiences with Dr. Parungao with Bosley Chicago? His results photos look good, reviews online are good, but I'm not seeing any discussions with him. I'm 25 years old, I had a virtual consultation with him and he suggest 800-1200 grafts max for some temple transplants (I don't have a family history of MPB) but my hairline is starting to mature aggressively on the right side. He also recommended me to take propecia/rogaine since I'm young. I can currently get an appointment to get the procedure done quickly before school, or I can wait a year and go with Konoir/Nadimi in Chicago. What would you guys recommend? I'm impatient and kinda just want it now. I think Bosley is about $10 a graft so the cost is gonna be ball park $10k.
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