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  1. Thank you all - I really appreciate your inputs, truly. It goes to show what a collaborative and helpful community this forum is. @Gasthoerer Personally I don’t feel comfortable enough to post pictures on here, largely down to my own insecurities, albeit I know it would be way more informative for you all to advise if I did. My hair loss isn’t awful, there is recession in the temples and the rest of my hair seems ok. There’s potentially some thinning of the crown but no noticeable loss, I look forward to seeing what Dr. Reddy says after his initial examination. It has been a long and
  2. Really great video Melvin, and so informative. I am currently torn between Reddy and Feriduni for hairline restoration surgery (my temples have receded). My main concern with Feriduni is his lack of involvement in the procedure, as opposed to Reddy. For some reason I also get a better sense from Reddy's results vs Feriduni's, but that is subjective of course as I know how highly rated Feriduni is. I am aware that Reddy is more expensive, but I am more bothered about the result than the price. Any thoughts or advice on what route I should take would be greatly appreciated to help me make m
  3. Thanks Melvin, I contacted Dr Reddy via his personal website so I am hoping it is legit. What are your thoughts on Dr Reddy in general?
  4. Hi @jmc90 I've also booked an appointment for Monday via Alda. Can you confirm whether this was legit? Thanks
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