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  1. Yeah I had some. not a whole lot though. my shedding started very late around the 1 month mark though so maybe that has something to do with it
  2. a little over 6 weeks post op. shedding started between weeks 3-4 and has continued pretty steadily since then. I imagine i’ve lost around 40-50 percent of the new hairs so far. no real shock loss that i’ve noticed. very slight redness right on the hairline still shows through but nothing that i’ll be inclined to wear a hat about.
  3. a couple days late on the 3 week update I believe. It looks a lot better than I expected for 3 weeks. I haven’t experienced really any significant shedding. first time I saw a hair shed was around 10-12 days. some days I see 5 hairs shed and some days I see none. nothing sheds in the shower. hair is growing at the same rate as the rest of my hair. today I only saw like 3 hairs shed but they might’ve even been from my native area who knows. about to leave on a 2-3 month road trip to see every national park in the lower 48 states so i’m alone and away from everyone when it starts to look really bad but i’ll try to keep this updated as I go along.
  4. about 2 weeks post op. I’m very happy with the density so far (only shed <5% so far i think) hairline is all single grafts but is the amount of multis just behind the hairline something I should worry about? or does this look fine?
  5. yeah sure. I believe the dr. was Umut at HLC in Ankara
  6. thank you! that’s very reassuring to hear
  7. first pic is from 2 days ago (8 days post op) and second picture is from today (10 days post op)
  8. no more scabs! does anyone know how long the pinkness usually lasts? I’m noticing the recipient area is still a little swollen and protruding more than I expected. Assuming this is an inflammation thing that will subside in time. hopefully sooner than later. all regular post op swelling has subsided after about day 4. this swelling on the recipient area feels firmer and more localized to the recipient area.
  9. one week update. Scabs and crusts were feeling loose so last night (6 days) i started gently massaging them off. happy with the density! no multi grafts in the hairline and the multi grafts behind the hairline should make up for the lack of density in the native hairs and make it look about the same I think. you’ll notice there aren’t many multis in the native area on the top of my head. biggest concern now is the deep pink fleshy color that’s right at the base of a few of the hairs. if you look closely it’s a darker pink than the rest of the transplanted area. is this an issue with healing? or normal?
  10. Hello, this is my first results post. 6 days ago I had my hairline reinforced and temples filled in a bit at HLC ankara. what do you guys think about the density and shape? there’s a million little concerns I have post-operation and I’m just looking for some opinions on what I’ve just done to my scalp. good or bad. meds: 3 years on min/fin with regrowth and stabilization age: 25 grafts: 1838 @ 50/cm2 Im sure the order of the pictures is off but I included some “day of” pictures, some long hair before pictures, shaved head before pictures and a couple ‘few days after operation’ pictures
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