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  1. Yes, but i haven't really done anything after popping, just a quick shower. I have continued my Rogane usage this week, not sure what impact that may be having
  2. just one or two every few days. It has only been four weeks now, does that matter
  3. Hi, Is there any risk to future hair growth of new grafts if you pop pimples that form here and there in the recipient site
  4. Hi, I had an FUT Transplant 18-19 days ago. I noticed some a couple of sheds/shedding in the shower. After I got out of the shower and dried my hair a little I notice a couple of blood spots/specs on my scalp. Can there be some blood specs/spots with shedding or is it possible to still lose a graft this far removed from my procedure. I know the graft is pretty much set 9-10 days after surgery but seeing a spec/spot of blood concerned me. Any thoughts are appreciated Thank you
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