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  1. It is a relief to see the hairs so you can check if the direction and placement is what you hoped for. I think my scabs never looked like yours, so can't compare actually. Mine always swelled up with water when I washed, looking like white crusts on my head, and when dry were not as "solid" scabs as yours. Yours might not soften with water in the same way, but I'd see. At this stage as long as the shower temperature is just luke warm, and the pressure is low, I have no problem with showering directly onto my head for 10 minutes!
  2. Yes but I was a little too eager as I said. They look like solid scabs, and might not be ready yet, so remember there is no rush really, you just don't want them to be there after two weeks. I was just aware of how secure the grafts really were after 7-8 days, it honestly feels like nothing except a knocked scab would dislodge them. I even had my arms tied to my legs when I slept for the first 6 or 7 days so I didn't scratch in the night, but not since then. The literature says 9 days you can't even pull them out, but 10+ days if you want to be sure. It is nicer wearing a cap for a walk
  3. I also tried conditioner on day 7, and it was stuck to my head for 20 minutes of washing. That however showed me that water was the best softener, so I used that to remove 80%, and then next day water again for several minutes to get the last. I assume it was too early for conditioner My head is less red than when I said, so looks good now. I think what I did was fine
  4. Yes. Seeing some degree of stabilisation in hair loss is in your own best interest, even if you are not appreciating that. Potential improvement from medication will also make the procedure more successful. By the way, good doctors have long waiting lists (months-years), so this is not something you can or should rush into.
  5. Yeah I was reflecting on it, and I think a poll here is unfortunately subject to a bias that can never be accurately reflective. It is the reason studies themself have to be blinded, and double blinded. That is to say, if you inform people that something has/had a percentage of side effects, especially something sensationalised as much as this, and THEN ask them how many people experienced side effects, it will come out skewed. I wish it was as easy as that, it but we as humans are not very logical That said, I think @Melvin-Moderator is right to speculate that the sexual side effects may
  6. Yeah that is very informative, thanks I hadn't seen that before! So 0.025-0.1(%) fin is really the only viable fin option for those hoping to alleviate sides from oral, and less efficacious than oral. Those poor suckers that are prescribed 0.25%. Seems a bit unfair that all these countries around the world have casual customs, and in Norway I am up there with the likes of Australia.
  7. I think Dr. Wesley's contradicts himself in the source below, writing that his formulation uses less than 0.25%, and that 0.25% lowers serum DHT 19%. So you must be right, not sure what dose he uses though. https://www.drcarloswesley.com/medical-therapy-for-hair-loss/ *edit* I see you experienced side effects at 0.3% and 0.03% finasteride in your first page, so that is interesting.
  8. https://fellermedical.com/hair-transplant-growth-timeline/#:~:text=Hair transplant “growth” and the,and naturalization of these hairs.
  9. That's why I am curious, Dr. Wesley's graph does not illustrate that, though I don't know how many doses it was. This would also not be dissimilar for topical dutasteride. Given their very well documented half-lives, I would very much expect topical dutasteride to accumulate serum DHT, if topical finasteride does. Only with @mustang as the guinea pig do we know the answers.
  10. Perfect Good to know you have it under control! Lots to look forward to in 6-12 months
  11. 10-14 days is fine for the scabs to come off. I was a little eager, and braver by the day by day 7, so I rubbed mine under a 10 minute luke-warm and gentle shower to eventually rub them off. They did not want to fall off you can say. My scalp is fairly pink, so it might have been premature is all I can reflect to you Are you taking any medication to prevent further loss?
  12. Like someone said, try to get it as pure as possible, alcohol is not good. My post-op has me using it for 14 days, and I plan to continue for hopefully improved redness in the recipient. Yeah for me there is "burning" in the occipital area, which is heavily innervated with nerves that have been injured. I hope it is better by 14 days, but if that is something you experience, ibuprofen may be worth trying too, rather than paracetamol.
  13. I am interested of course, if the science holds up to be true. However, living in Norway, which does not allow importation of "prescription medicines", good luck this becoming universally accessible. According to Dr. Wesley, low once/day multiple-dose 0.25% topical fin also only caused a 19% reduction in serum DHT, with 70% scalp DHT reduction. So how does this align with your @mustang and others experiences reporting the same side-effects with topical fin? Were you using the same dose, and still experienced sides?
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