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  1. I also had an FUT and thining of doing a 2nd one but is Hasson and Wong still doing FUT? I've heard and spoke with them and they now recommend and push for FUE only. Is that your experience talking with them too?
  2. Nanogen, Toppik, Caboki, Febron, Biothik, Hairatin, GoFybr, Luxe, Boldify, Infinity, XFusion, Crown, Cuvva, Samson, Strand, Eclipse, Elevate, Aliver So many brands, with differentr price ranges, don't know which one to choose. What are the top 3? And the best one cost benefit?
  3. I've spoken with aheadink, scalp micro USA, and hairlineink which are probably the best ones and only the latter one hairlineink provides this kind of service of density where you don't buzz the hair. All other 2 only provides the buzz cut Essentially the reason is: They "don’t feel it’s the best option in terms of results. It is 2D and one really requires something that offers real diameter like a hair transplant or thickening fibers such as Toppik." So go with hairlineink I'm gonna hold on on this, and go with another HT and then think about it again and use toppik in the me
  4. The only problem is that goverment hotel you must book, I've heard it costs a fortune and there are many other things you have to do too like tests and check-ups. So annoying
  5. @EvoXOhio @Ronnieman @Curious25 @j1mmy We can discuss that SMP vs concealer here:
  6. @Ronnieman I've been using topical dut for 2 weeks, the gel one. and I have a feeling that it does go systemic but I will report back about this. There's ppl in that discord also reporting an increase in acne spread, that hasn't happened with me, but again too soon to tell
  7. Yes, the best to use it is with hair spray! You can use it without, but with hair spray is the best way, check this out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5c_NadgH_dw
  8. Cool thanks guys! Another reply here: https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/58925-does-having-smp-hinder-your-doctor-when-carrying-out-a-ht/?tab=comments#comment-582754 from a doctor
  9. @DrTBarghouthi hi doctor, what about space (sq/cm)? Would the dots impact that in any way, like not being able to place grafts on top of the dots?
  10. Could you check my post here: https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/59595-smp-for-thickening-effect-diffuse-thinning-hair-and-create-density/ about when the person has hairs but it's diffusing
  11. Just the crown, you don't wanna use concealers? I have a similar question, still waiting for an answer, check it out: https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/59595-smp-for-thickening-effect-diffuse-thinning-hair-and-create-density/
  12. Considering a diffuse thining hair stage. Something like the photo below. Where hair is not going to be buzzed but can be cut longer if necessary. I see photos of SMP taken indoors and looks good, okay, but how the results look when hair is exposed 1) to the sun, bright light, outdoors and 2) wet hair that causes thinning hair look even more thiner. How does it look? Can someone tell there's some sort of concealer there? The discussion comes to SMP vs. concealers. With concealers, depending how you put in on, it looks very good and natural and nobody can tell the difference. There's
  13. Figure since SMP also produce micro scars right?, Thought they would block available space in some way. So that means new follicules can be placed on top of the dots? So the dots don't matter at all for HT?
  14. This is terrible, gonna stay away from this
  15. @Style22 thanks for the update and sucks to hear you didn't have results. @Melvin-Moderator I was the one who said it's 5,000 per 5cc here in NYC @Mycroft @Curious25 At McGraph it costs more per 5cc. Had a talk with them. And they told me their cost basis is $2,500 so it's expensive for the clinics too (according to thenm). They told me that it's possible to have good results, but not guarantee. When asked about empirical data, all they said was they have photo gallery. Very disappoiting. I was very looking forward to pay over 5k for this but now I totally won't!
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