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  1. Hello Mustang, amazing result indeed! I have noticed that FUE.com was selling topical dutasteride made for mesotherapy, have you tried it yet? I guess the frequency of use'd be once/Twice a month with dermapen?
  2. Hello Mustang, encouraging numbers! If the 0,1% seems as effective with a low serum dht decrease with an application once a week, why move to a lower concentration and use it more often?
  3. Hello Mustang, Just received my topical duta from FUECLININC. Does it have to be used on the thining area only or on the whole head? i guess i must apply it directly on the scalp and rub it? Also, as it does not have the same effect than minox I should use both of them? Thank you in advance
  4. Hello Mustang, I've just orderer topical duta from Dr Mwamba's website. It's said to be used once/Twice a week. The bottle is 60 ml, if used twice a week with 2ml each times, it would last 15 weeks. However, it is specified that the product expires in 90 days . Does it mean you have to throw the rest away each time? Thanks in advance
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