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  1. Thank you for the links Melvin. I will take a look.
  2. Thank you JohnAC71 I really appreciate your feed back! I got the impression there was more to the negative post that I read regarding Dr Bhatti, so that is another on the no list. I have contacted HDC there is a lot to like from what I have seen and read. So they are a strong contender. Now I have signed up, I will search and look to connect directly with a patient from there.
  3. Based in the UK. I am considering Eugenix though. I had considered Dr Bhatti, but I did read some negative comments on here. But I think that was more to do with his representative??
  4. Thank TommyLucchese for your reply. I aim to have my transplant early next year, hopefully that will be enough time to explore my options, and be confident in my choice. But that time frame can be moved back if I need. I have contacted Dr Bisanga's Athens clinic. I thought Hattingen clinic was out of my price range, but thank you I will take a look.
  5. Thank you for your reply. Since discovering this website, I am spending more and more time on here. I think being able to connect with others in a similar situation will prove to be invaluable. You may be pleased to hear, I have ruled out using an all inclusive deals.
  6. Hello to everyone. I have only just discovered this forum, and thought I would try and use it to help my research. A little about me. I am in my early 50's ,some receding of hairline in the last 3 or so years. I started to look for possible treatments, not thinking about a transplant at that time. All I knew about them, was they left you with a large scar. I then saw a YouTube review of a before and after, and I was genuinely amazed. This changed my thinking. I followed it up and found the cost involved were 2000\2500 euro, fortunately I was able to afford this. I have ha
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