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  1. BeHappy ty for your suggestion about the hairline. Yes I will try to have a look at some pictures in the past and to have an idea about the hairline I want. Please find below the image of the scar. The Cyst was quite big
  2. Hi Melvin, my goal is to have a decent hairline, maybe 1 or 2 cm below the actual one, and to have some grafts also in the crown. I know I cannot be young again! 🙂
  3. Ty TommyLucchese: yes, already had a good consultation with dr Bisanga, really a professional doctor, and he told I was eligible for ht! Westview, ty but in reality my hairline is completely gone!!!
  4. Hi all, first of all ty for this forum, it's doing an amazing job in making people more aware of what is an hair transplantation and what we should avoid! Please find below a bit of information about me: 1) 37 years old 2) I suffer from Hashimoto Syndrome and I take Eutirox 75mg 3) In the past I have been taking Propecia 1mg for 4 years but then I stopped as I thought the process had stabilized 4) I have been taking Finasteride 1 mg again since 4 months now 5) I have been spraying Minoxidil 5% twice a day for almost a year 6) In the past I underwent a surgical ope
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