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  1. Easier said than done. I worry because if the hairs do come out at a different angle, is there anything (aside from a transplant repair) that could be done to improve it. I found some information and pictures of hair angulation gone wrong on this forum and on the internet but not much on other alternatives. You're right though, I will do more research and save money to fix this bad decision in the future.
  2. Sure, here are the pics of both left and ride side a couple days after surgery... This is the same two sides two weeks later I'm definitely worried after seeing how straight the hairline is, and also because I can see some 2's already in the hairline with some 3's not too far behind. I hope it all turns out well since I can't do anything about it now (unless there is a possibility to add some singles to create some irregularities, but I don't know of any surgeons who would be willing to do it so early). So far I'm not impressed by the doctors artistic style,
  3. Hello, I am two weeks post op and I have a couple questions regarding my hairline and how it looks so far. Based on the picture: 1) Is there a certain distance that 2's and 3's should begin behind the hairline of singles? Because you can see, they appear to start sort of close the hairline, never mind the a couple 2's that can be spotted (red circle) along the hairline. 2) Notice that towards the widows peak, my natural hairs shift to the right, however, the angulation of the implanted hairs are going straight up. Will this be corrected over time or can the hair be trained (
  4. Their location, availability, price, and before and after photos were a big part in my decision. Hopefully he can address some of my concerns when I have my follow up with him in a couple of weeks, instead of just telling me to wait and see.
  5. Hello everyone, Here is my FUE journey with Dr. Pablo Fok and his associate doctors Julian and Acosta who are surgeons at TJ Hair Clinic in Tijuana Mexico. About me: NW3, 39 years old, Brown Hair, chose this clinic based on a friends recommendation, affordability, and close to where I live in San Diego. Meds and post fue care: Dutasteride 0.5mg 1/day, Minoxidil 5% spray 2x/day, Biotin 5000mcg/day, PRP sessions 1x/month HT: 1500 grafts, Dr. Fok/Acosta did left recipient area. Dr. Julian right recipient area as well as the donor site. Used 0.8 punch, manual technique. N
  6. What if it the 2nd FUE was to touch up to a problem that was evident immediately after the 1st hair transplant? For example, an initial hairline procedure that had grafts implanted in a straight-line with no micro iregularities in the front. Would it be ok to add some singles and create some mircro irregularities so to make the hairline softer and more natural. By six months, I would assume it would be evident to tell if the hairs in the very front of the hairline are singles vs twos, and threes too, as well as their direction/angles. I'm not talking about doing a 2nd fue to ad
  7. Sorry about all the stress you're going through. It seems that the hair clinic you went to should at least consider a touch up or something. I'm one of those patients who went to a cheap clinic and is anxiously waiting for results while trying to stay positive. Do you have any pics of how your hairline was drawn out or a pic just after the surgery of your hairline, I ask because my hairline was also very straight lined with no microirregularities. Also, is your hairline so straight (90 degree angle) that a comb over (until you get it fixed) won't fix it?
  8. That's interesting, I didn't know that surgeons went to that extent of choosing certain colors for the front row (single hairs). I assumed there wouldn't be too much color variation but that was something I didn't talk to my surgeon and techs about and now you got me thinking!
  9. Are you on any medications to help combat this, such as Fin or Dut? I wonder if that would've helped since day 1 post HT.
  10. Looks very nice. You're design and amount of grafts look very similar to mine and we got the surgery around the same time. I like how your surgeon made the hairline a little more jagged than mine. Mine seems to too straight to be honest and I'm starting to worry about my future results. Best of luck to the both of us!
  11. Great video on the different concealers Melvin. I'm trying to be proactive and think 5 months down the road, and my FUE I know will still be in the growing phase. For someone who is 5 months in from FUE (hair probably still really short) and there is still not enough density in the hairline area. Would you recommend the Toppik layers or a spray to cover the FUE transplant line? Did you have to use any of these products while you were waiting for the final results? And which one did you like best?
  12. The picture was my receding hairline with long hair before my FUE transplant (which I moved to a new topic "My FUE Journey at TJ Hair Clinic". I was saying that I hope within 5-8 months, I can get close to similar height and hair curvature again just without the exaggerated receding hairline. I sure hope I don't have any visible transplant procedure or harsh red line at that time, which is why I even followed the same angle on my right side and tried to leave my widows peak. I'm hoping it looks natural.
  13. Thanks for the advice! Do you know if MSM is proven to be more effective than Biotin supplements? I think I have my game plan, which is to use Minoxidil, MSM (or Biotin), finasteride along with Dutasteride (topical) and maybe a PRP injection in 2 months. Hopefully this plan helps prevent some shock loss and increase growth rate. I'll post some picks to see if this combination was effective or not in the future.
  14. I have this same question as well. I read that from a member on here that the topical DUT gave him less side effects.
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