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  1. Also, below my 1 month update. First picture is from day 10 post op and second 1 month. Both under the same lighting conditions. Also a pic of my donor at 1 month.
  2. A few additional pictures at the day of the surgery received from the clinic
  3. Thanks all. I'll likely share the next update at the 1 month mark. I'll also keep you posted regarding the 5mg Minox as well. Yes indeed, Maa, very similiar. I've been following your case closely. I feel like your status even looked a bit more dense at the 10 day mark. That's maybe the additional ~300 grafts. Your hair look great at the recent 4 months update you posted. I'd be thrilled to have that status 4 months in!
  4. Day 0 / Immediately after the procedure as well as Day 1
  5. Dear Community, this forum helped me a great deal in my decision making process but also in making myself knowledgeable around the whole topic of HT. Therefore I wanted to give something back an let you participant in my journey, starting from the procedure I underwent at Dr. B's clinic end of January. About myself 31 years old Hair loss started at around 20 I would say and progressed really slow towards the status you now see on my pre-op pics Never took any medication, but have now started with Minox 5mg daily Graft breakdown 1 FU: 402 2 FUs: 1,298 3 FUs: 1,200
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