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  1. I get mine from Doctor fox online pharmacy... 168 1mg tablets for £58 plus delivery
  2. Why hide it .... nearly 7 months since my ht and I don’t mind telling people about it. In fact the amount of people that have said ‘I’d have come with you if I’d known’ and ‘wow I’m going to get one’ is unbelievable. Anybody with half a brain will no, unless it’s a very subtle change.
  3. When you reach your 40’s you will care about your hair. I’m 46 and just had a ht and I’m as obsessed with my hair now as when I was 21, now I have hair I’m trying different styles and products. 😀 I said before my ht “if I can have hair again for a few year It would be great, then when I’m 55 I’ll not be bothered about it if it thins again” .... I no now that’s not going to be true.
  4. 7 month update Hi everyone it’s exactly 7 months since my fue ht, visually I’m not sure if there’s much difference since last month but it definitely feels thicker and more dense. My friends and family think it looks great and I get many compliments. I’ve just had a skin fade haircut so the back is shaved bald and my donor looks pretty neat. Im really happy and can’t believe that it can improve further with still 5 months to go to the full 12 month mark. happy to answer any questions
  5. That was my thoughts yesterday, there really is no density
  6. Yeah I can see that with that picture, hopefully adding new grafts with your native hairs will give you a nice dense hairline.. good luck
  7. To my untrained eye your new hairline looks like your old one tbh and lacks a little density
  8. If I remember rightly it lines your stomach for all the other pills you’ll be popping
  9. Yes I went with Cinik 6 months ago, I’d imagine you will need to take all the meds they give you but as for Parol it’s only the equivalent to paracetamol I believe, I took my own painkillers of paracetamol and ibuprofen when needed.
  10. I never used it but I’ve read other people that mentioned spraying every hour or so but not necessary, entirely up to you.
  11. Here in the UK you can get it from Amazon or any pharmacy, basically I believe it’s only salt and water and is used to keep area clean. Nothing a good soak with shampoo wouldn’t do
  12. No he didn’t recommend a saline solution, some places do some don’t from what I’ve heard
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