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  1. Yeah I agree with John since finding this forum I’ve found research is the key. Me myself did go to Dr Cinik around 5 months ago and couldn’t be happier but they are mixed reviews from Dr Cinik’s work on this forum. If I’d found this forum before my ht I dare say I would have went to a recommended clinic from here, I simply chose it through real results I had seen. Bit sitting here today I would not change a thing, my hairline is fine with what seems to be only single grafts and density is great from where I started but I might have just been the lucky one. Just research and take advice
  2. So you should be pleased, looks great and luck you getting a haircut, all barbers shut here in the UK
  3. From what I’ve seen number of grafts looks ample and hairline looks about right, likewise would like to see how it is now. @yalla8definately a good shout to keep Dr and clinic a secret as you will not get biased comments. something I wish I’d done looking back , because as soon as you say you’ve been to a Turkey there’s a massive difference in the reply’s you get. If it’s a clinic they recommend there’s plenty compliments and I’d say my results so far are as good as any.
  4. 5 month update Hi all.. although it’s only 2 weeks since I started this thread at 4.5 months I’m uploading my latest pictures as it’s exactly 5 months since my ht. A little reminder.... had 2800 fue grafts at Dr Cinik’s on the front 3rd of my head. I take 1mg/day fin (started 4 weeks after op) and a few supplements... biotin, omega 3, collagen and a multi vitamin daily. The first picture is straight after a shower with wet hair and the last one is a picture of me last year before my ht. The others pictures I’ve just taken with gel on.
  5. Yeah I done my research, I noticed many clinic reviews where the same, not only mine.
  6. Yes you are so right... my clinic tried to get me to do an online review the day after my surgery which I declined. I waited 3 months, even then I only reviewed the clinic and not results
  7. Just looked through your whole thread.... progressing well todays pictures are impressive.. amazing difference from day one
  8. Started finasteride after 4 weeks. used minox after 6 weeks but only used it for approx 8 weeks to try and stimulate hair growth which seemed to work in my opinion. ive used the following supplements since day one... biotin, collagen, omega 3 fish oil and a multi vitamin. I had one session of prp on surgery day. all of this seems to have worked for me but everybody’s different. yeah from my research all the supposedly dht blocking shampoos are a waste of money. hope this helps
  9. Don’t worry mate... it’s just getting used to what’s been done once it starts to grow it’ll look natural again.... as a few have said .... patience! im 4.5 months post op and couldn’t b happier, even if mine stays like this I’ll b happy
  10. Hi I also use Dr Fox for ordering finasteride 1mg tablets , I’ve been using for 3.5 months... what is the difference between generic fin (which I’ve got) and propecia ? thanks in advance
  11. Desperate mate, then it will look even better hopefully although my mate has been shaving the back and sides to keep it tidy
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