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  1. Yeah I use isopropyl rubbing alcohol, can be bought online at a pretty low cost
  2. Don’t no about your hair .... but you’ll have a bonk on all day 😀
  3. Many thanks @JohnAC71 appreciate your kind words. I’m not sure if it was his sister but it was 2 females working on me either side of cinik doing the channels, maybe it was. But like I said after everything I’ve learned... I was lucky. Also glad you think my donor is decent, definitely looks and feels ok to me 👍🏽
  4. Any feedback would be appreciated, what do you guys think. success or not ? Also I hear a lot on here saying 99% need multiple ht’s, something I wasn’t aware of a year ago. Considering I’m aged 47 now and not in my 20’s like many on here who’s had ht’s, do you think I will need another ? thanks in advance
  5. 12 Month update Here I am at the 12 month mark, the stage we are told to wait for the final result. Well one thing I can say since my last update is there has definitely been a change in the density and feel of my hair, visually there may not be much difference but when I run my fingers through it, it feels thicker and more dense. I am more than happy with the result, I was lucky that I had great growth from around the 3 month mark and got better and better each month. I no cinik is a hairmill and I agree with many reviews I’ve read over the past year, especially the time Dr Cinik spends with you pre surgery (5-10 mins max) is not great when you look back but I would not change anything. Maybe I was the lucky one and got the best technicians on the day, if I remember rightly there was 3 of us getting the procedure done the day I was in, although I did pay extra for cinik to do they incisions. My current regime is 0.5mg fin every day, biotin and collagen supplements, I have also been micro needling with the derma-pen once every 2 weeks for the past 4 months or so, and I feel this has definitely helped my mid scalp area which was quite thin when I look back at early pictures. I have also been using serioxyl hair denser with stemoxydine after every wash. I would like to thank the forum members for there support and especially the education, as I have learnt a lot whether it be ht topics, medications, types of clinics you name it. I thought I had researched thoroughly before I took the plunge, but I did not find this forum until later so I guess not, but luckily I wasn’t butchered, hairline looks fine (all single grafts) and most importantly I am happy. It has definitely changed my life, as I’ve said before the compliments never stop and I frequently get asked where I went by other interested friends.... they are surprised when I tell them it maybe better to look elsewhere, as I explain how it is the luck of the draw who works on you that day, and that they may not be as lucky as me and there better off with doctors that do most of the work.
  6. Wow ... this is not great to hear @JohnAC71when you say they are not implanting what they are taken out. What the hell are they doing with the grafts then. I mean if your taking X amount out, why not implant X amount back. Just curious
  7. Exactly.. what is there to be embarrassed about,I’ve told everyone and people say ‘wow’ or it’s amazing or ‘I want it done’ .... which makes me feel great
  8. Nobody does mate.. best to not check it every minute of the day otherwise it’s going to be a long process. I didn’t examine mine too much, just trusted that everything work out just fine.
  9. You really need to chill .... every day if not twice a day your asking “how does it look, does it look ok” of course it looks odd at first, but it will get worse before it gets better
  10. With your obvious infatuation of the case you’d be my number one suspect ... expect a knock at the door
  11. I will be doing my 12 month update in a few weeks. any questions feel free
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