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  1. For those 25-30 percent who are 18 monthers what percent off growth do they find themselves at 12 months?
  2. Yes this looks like the beginning of a nice result. Moving along nicely.
  3. Yes you look good with that look. SMP may enhance what you got going on already.
  4. Great stuff. 👍. Nice hairline. Clean looking work.
  5. Nice Video. That comb through is super impressive. Thanks for putting it together.
  6. It would seem to me that the best immediate option is to do the frontal 1/3 1st. You would be establishing a hairline and framing the face. Future procedures would jump of from there.
  7. Its best to wait, like our other friends have said. You have made great improvements with the 1st transplant,your hair is looking good. Keep up the fight other ways, keep those grafts in reserve.
  8. Looking real full. At that length there is no faking that. Congratulations.
  9. Holy Moly. Yes a total success! Congratulations.
  10. FUE is where its going hopefully it will continue to improve.
  11. Surgeons and clinics that do offer FUT say that it is more efficient way to harvest grafts. Scar aside the donor area is left in a better position for future harvesting. There is also better survivability rates of grafts using FUT.
  12. How long after the FUT surgery can the SMP be done? 1yr ? Longer?
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