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  1. No, but I’ll certainly look them up. Thanks all for your support, this is very worthwhile resource and already a benefit to my wellbeing.
  2. Yes, I was a little concerned by the response from Dr Reddy being from a gmail account belonging to someone else. I have received a quotation from Dr Arshad however I thought best to continue looking at further options rather than jump right into something. I am largely certain I am very limited with what can be achieved - not to discredit anyones work at all, but I thought because of this it would best to have conversations with those who have a lot of experience with repair work, and then weigh up my options.
  3. Thanks its really appreciated. I have contacted Dr Feriduni and Dr Bisanga as I have seen that they are quite adept at repair work. Although, I am in the UK and it is currently illegal for us to leave the country or even go much further beyond your hometown, so its hard to even have consultations. Not to mention the lockdown is affecting my ability to work to help pay for this. It is all not looking very good right now!
  4. Yes I have been using minoxidil and finasteride for 6 months. Again, I realise now this should have been the first port of call but we are where we are.
  5. This is the picture on top. I dont really have any other pictures of the sides with short hair. It has been a while since I could cut it with everything being closed over here since 2020! I would consider BHT. Of course, I am no expert, however to an untrained eye my chest hair does appear to have relatively similar characteristics.
  6. Thanks for the replies. It is hard as I am too embarrassed to talk to friends etc which just compounds my sense of frustration, so this is a good outlet. In all honesty I do not know how many grafts were taken. It was ‘Clinic Center’ in Istanbul. It actually pains me to be even writing the name of it - I want to erase their existence from my brain! I have reached out to both Dr Bisanga and Dr Feriduni on their websites today and sent the appropriate info but await responses, so not engaged in any real dialogue as yet.
  7. Hi all, In November 2018 I underwent a ‘hair transplant’ which has not had the results I had hoped for, in every sense of the word. I wrote that in inverted commas as it was done in a Turkish black market clinic and knowing what I know now was now legitimate procedure at all. Like many others I fell for the aggressive marketing, false promises and cheap prices. As you would expect, the results are horrendous. The hairline is unnatural, low density, and grafts grow in completely the wrong direction. To make matters worse, the donor area is very much overharvested and scarred; it would
  8. I wish I had spent a lot more time doing initial research to get a far better understanding of hair transplants, the techniques required to obtain natural results and who should be performing them. For young(ish) people who are active on social media here in the UK, hair transplants have been peddled as something almost as routine as getting a haircut. Unfortunately I fell for this and opted for a cheap ‘surgery’ abroad 2 years ago (perhaps very easy to guess where) and I am now living with the consequences of a very unnatural result and the heartache that comes with it. I am now on Fi
  9. Hi all, I too submitted an enquiry for a consultation via https://drraghureddy.com/ however received a reply from what is this time a hotmail account, someone called Alda. I obviously do not wish to hand over a sum of money and make expensive travel arrangements for something that does not come to fruition. Can anyone confirm the legitimacy of this? Thanks
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