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  1. Finally shock loss in donor area has regained a natural look after 4 months of worry
  2. I am using Minoxidil and biotin since last 4 weeks. It's working
  3. Ya indeed it's shock loss.... Hiding it by wearing cap. Everything else is perfect post HT except this pain in ass
  4. @JohnAC71 There is a lot of improvement though it's unnoticeable to anyone else except me... Hair have started emerging in bald patches everywhere except an square inch..will keep posting
  5. Your entire body gets enough blood else it might rot.... You feel so because your donor area isn't yet sensitive due to anaesthesia administered during HT.... You will feel so for next few months..... Don't overthink, everything is fine....
  6. I am more than delighted at my Frontal transplant.... Volume and Hair line are upto my satisfaction
  7. I could feel that this area was injected with more anaesthetic than the other side.... Other side is doing well...
  8. Berkowits Centre.Delhi.... I am fully satisfied with its staff and procedure.... Just doubtful if Luck played it's part...
  9. These are gradual pics... Things were fine post one week and there were hair all over donor but now there are many bald patches... I am just praying it to be shock loss and not over harvesting
  10. 3weeks post FUE op 3500 grafts, I have a moth eaten look in my donor area... Will it ever appear normal
  11. Hiii. My pics 25 days post 3000 grafts HT... Hair in donor area were growing perfectly till one week then these patches happened.... Is it shock loss or over harvesting
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