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  1. That makes sense. If I went with strips beforehand would I have them spread that hair out over the entire scalp or something like just the front? Are doctors able to inplant hair around already inplanted hair to increase density?
  2. It was a in person consult. Yes between FUT+FUE he said he could get 5000-6000. If I went to Eugenix and they took 5000 FUE from my donor then took around 2000 FUE beard grafts I think I could get a solid result in 1 session. But doesn't everyone say to maximize my grafts I should do a FUT then a FUE? I'm a NW7
  3. I'd prefer to stay in North America so I'm only considering Wong if I decide to try to fill my entire head. If I only do the front I'll go with Konior.
  4. I wear a hair system. It's fairly simple to find a system that matches your native hair. You can cut a little of your native hair and mail it to them then they'll pick a color that matches. Or if you go to a professional they'll hold up hair samples to pick one that matches your hair (kinda like matching paint with a roll of samples if you know what i mean) I'm a NW7 and have a weak donor area so I'm considering doing what your suggesting of only transplanting the front.
  5. I have a thick beard. Tons of chest hair and abdomen hair
  6. Need some advice. I had a doctor look at my donor and he said I probably only have 5000, maybe 6000 max in my donor area. Rated my donor hair a 4 out of 10 in terms of thickness. I have always had fine thin straight dirty blonde hair. He suggested FUT then down the line do a 2nd procedure of FUE. Or do a FUT/FUE combo in 1 procedure. Do I have enough donor hair to make it worthwhile? I'm age 41 and basically a NW6 headed to a NW7 with diffused thinning. Not sure if i'll get a decent enough result and it will still look way to thin even after 2 procedures. I'm considering just doin
  7. How do you know if you have good scalp elasticity? Can only a DR determine that? Are there ways to improve scalp elasticity through diet, exercise, or massages?
  8. I have few questions about wearing a hat after getting a transplant How soon can you wear a hat after a transplant? Can you wear one everyday as your waiting for the transplant hair to grow? After the first month can you wear any type of hat? Fitted, beanie, etc..
  9. I've seen a few videos of people getting a second FUT. In those videos the doctor cuts the same scar from the first FUT. Is that how its always done? What stops someone from doing a third or forth FUT? If you keep doing FUT do you really maximize your donor area?
  10. Pluck your current hair piece to thin it out. Cut it gradually each month to give yourself a larger forehead and more receding hairline.
  11. Are you sure that's true? I've been wearing a hair piece for a year and half. Because of quarantine I let my bio hair grow out and I still have the same amount of hair. I might even have more hair then I used to.
  12. Turn Viagra and Cialis into your best friends
  13. @gatsby - Thanks, that's good advice to think about if I want to wear a hair piece forever on the crown. @BeHappy - Do you have any pictures of your results on this website? I would like to see how a diffused thinning NW7 cameout trying to fill in the entire area. Would you have done it differently based on your result? It's hard to decide what I want to do. It seems my options are... Option 1: A 5000+ megasession to fill in the front, mid, crown. But will I still be very thin everywhere? Will I look just ok? In the realm of not bald but also limited with hair styles. Probably will
  14. Are there any users here that have packed the front 1/3 with lots of density (50+ per sq inch) then worn a hair piece to cover their midscalp and crown? I'm thinking that might be a way to get really great hair for NW5,6,7's. I recently watched a youtube video where a guy who was thinning shave the top of his head but left his native hairline. The result looked amazing. The hairpiece was undetectable and his hair looked thick! Link to video
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