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  1. Okay! I also thought that this would not affect growth since its been 50+ days since the HT now. But had to check with you guys to be sure. Thanks for the response @JohnAC71 @Abhinay Singh
  2. Day 53 Bumped my head today while putting some stuff in the car. Such frustration! 😐 It was a "mild" bump. No bleeding or swelling. There is some redness though. No pain. I just dabbed the area with water. Anything else I can do here? @Melvin-Moderator@Abhinay Singh
  3. I feel that a lot of them have shed. The marginal extra density on one side at the front is because of already existing hair. My understanding is that the extent of initial shedding varies from person to person.
  4. Sharing a quick update at 43 days / 6 weeks / 1.5 months. A lot of hair have shed off, which is expected I guess. I felt that around day 30 mark the shedding was especially visible. A lot of hair came off during shampoo or when applying minoxydil. Donar area has healed well. Current medication - Finasteride 1mg daily. 1ml minoxidil 5% solution, twice a day. Multivitamins, biotin. Shampoo on alternate days. I use Ketoconazole 2% and a mild shampoo alternately. Aloe vera and amla juice daily. Apart form this I have refrained from exercise / jogging /
  5. I had heard of finasteride before, but did not have sufficient information on it. So I thought that it was "just another hair loss medicine". Now that I know about finasteride, I regret not starting it 5 years back. This is actually more common that you'd think. Lots of anecdotes on this thread: https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/59032-if-you-could-redo-anything-in-your-hair-loss-journey-what-would-it-be Side effects are certainly a risk, but it's observed in only a minority of patients. Moreover, the side effects go away within 5-10 days of stopping the medicine. So that's a relie
  6. That makes two of us! 100% credit to Dr Arika Bansal. I had zero inputs and defaulted to whatever she recommended. I only realised the fine work couple of days after the HT 😬
  7. Here you go @plus- 1. how did you style your pre transplant hair? I'm really curious to know this I kept long hair. After shampooing + drying, I did a "comb-over" to cover the bald area. The hairstyle did not work with non-shampooed hair. Plus wind or pretty much any jerky motion of the head exposed the bald spot, so I had to be mindful of this. I used a cap outdoors. Attaching a few pictures at the end. 2. You still have some thinned out hair on top. Do you expect them to survive? Or was the transplant planned assuming they will not survive? Most of the hair in the front, mid a
  8. Appreciate your inputs gentlemen @SLA @Captain Haddock @MazAB @Gatsby @MazAB I see a bunch of hair coming off when I shampoo. So there is some shedding. But yes, looks limited at the moment. Month 2 will give a better picture. Also, will start minoxidil from tomorrow.
  9. Hello! I finally got it done in Jan 2021 I was realllly struggling to decide on a good clinic before I stumbled upon this forum. Needless to say, I'm very grateful to everyone who shared their HT experience on the forum. Time for me to do the same - (I've stuck to just the bullet points coz my experience was similar to what everyone in general has written about Eugenix. For finer details, I recommend reading @Looking for HT's experience. Having said that, I'll be happy to answer any questions in detail. Photos are at the end!) About me Ethnicity: Indian Age: ~30 year
  10. I din't choose as such. When I visited Eugenix(Gurgaon) for the first time, Dr Arika was available and I had a brief consult with her. I was happy with her recommendation, so just stuck with her throughout. My guess is Dr Arika spends most days at the Gurgaon / Delhi center and Dr Pradeep at the Mumbai one.
  11. My HT was smooth and uneventful. I expected the procedure + first few days post HT to be little painful, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that the pain was close to zero 🤟 Great expectation setting, cheers!
  12. Dear @Wandererind, Thanks for sharing! I also did my HT at Eugenix Gurgaon last week (15 Jan). I'll follow your journey closely and take notes How was the headwash?
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