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  1. Thank you for your response. Yes I am thinking about it too; I want to have a deep consultation on site for sure before the surgery because my loss is not as aggressive as it was a few years ago, and I won't have HT if I am not confident about the outcome. And I want to combine my beard or chest hair for my crown area. I wasn't thinking to have FUT method; would it be better in my case?
  2. Thanks for informative video and also for the forum you made! I don't think I am in rush since I have done my research for about 3-4 months; I know that it is not that long research but I feel confident about my decision. I was just reading through forums but registered recently to post about my decision.
  3. No, my father has norwood 5. I used Rogaine, but didn't see any results. I am planning to use some other med after HT
  4. Hi, yes I want the maximum possible density. And sure, I will use medication. I used Rogaine but it didn't help at all.
  5. I ask them as maxim density as possible; They recommend me 3500-4000 grafts for the hairline and front half area. But I have seen pictures with less transplanted grafts with a great results. They have a lot of good results on internet. They haven't said nothing about medication yet.
  6. Thank you man. I appreciate your support. No, I am not on medication, and here is my hairloss pictures:
  7. Hello everybody, my name is Jalolbek; I am 25; I have been experiencing hairloss for about 6 years. In my 19s it was just a little bit, but a few years ago started falling aggressively; however, now, it seems stopped or almost stopped(I hope), so that I decided to have a hair transplant. After some research, I have chosen HLC, and fortunately they have available dates in 12 days. So, I will be sharing my experience with you guys! Just give me your moral support, thank you!! :)))
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