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  1. I think you should try to start using oral finasterid as soon is possible.
  2. If you have shedding that s good, I have also shedding of minoxidil more than 1 year -and I didn t stop using it. Now have stronger and ticker hair. When I take a shower now, see only three hairs in the shower and before it was hundred hairs.
  3. Marijuana when you want to smoke it mixed with tobacco. I thing that is tobacco more harmful then canabis, thc.
  4. What do you think -is the price from 4, 5 and more euro for transplanted graft a little to much? For example: A young man of (say) 30 years old, needs 5000 graft to transplant -how will he do it? His father must be a bank manager -or he must have his own casino. Prp is even worse! The real price for one prp treatman should be a maximum of 50 euro.
  5. I think you re wrong. My opinion is that is the future in treating hair loss and that is a very good thing to help in choosing therapy. The test helps the patient not to waste time with medications, which will no effect on him. I hard navigate on this forum,can t find where is @hairlossPA posted this. Regards
  6. To share my experience and opinion about prp. I did 7-8 prp treatments + mesotherapy in 2019 I did not notice any great progress,only the hair grew faster, nothing special happend. My opinion is: quite expensive therapy with questionable effect. I think it s better to save money, and stick to: finasterid, minoxidil, dutasterid, alfatradiol and dermaroller
  7. Hello -does any of the members use Pantostin (alfatradiol) to prevent hair loss. Is he satisfied with that product, and with results Regards
  8. Thank You JohnAC71, I've never heard of that doctor, I'll take a look a little about thet doctor Best regards
  9. I'm norwod 3, nothing special.I don't know how to transfer pictures from iPhone to PC, if you want I can send it to whatsapp viber, or mail.
  10. Thank you Melvin Moderator, I am from Croatia, no one in my country talks about Ana Maletic. I never saw her work. I think her work none have on youtube. In my country, the most talked about Asmed Clinic in Turkey, Koray Erdogan. But I don't like their system of work. One doctor cannot receive 3 patients in one day and one doctor cannot have 3 transplants in one day.
  11. Thank You UnbaldEagle, I will investigate this little bit
  12. Thank You JohnAC71 Yes, I am currently seeking information, I am learning Regards
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