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  1. I understand. Thank you so much for taking the time to go over this, I will be patient and find the best laser technician that I can find, and not rush it like I did with the SMP.
  2. @Gatsby Thank you for your response. Yes, I did see some work from them and they were the only institution that shared videos of the procedure. The doctor also showed me some of his works during consultation. Their work did look a bit dark but they said it’s due to my darker skin tone and because these lighten a lot. I suppose seeing my inability to travel abroad for a procedure is why I felt like I had no choice. I’ve been balding all my twenties and I just couldn’t bear to go through with that. I’m fortunate enough to have a good income and a very supportive family, but, though money was never a concern, I also can’t leave my family and work for over a week. I’ve never taken a vacation longer than 7 calendar days in my life. You don’t sound harsh at all! Thank you for giving your input I’m very glad that you joined in. I’m currently in Pakistan, and I went with Cosmesurge International Hospital. I went to the Rawalpindi branch since the doctor, Yasir Alla Qudre, is one of the more famous doctors (13 years exp, whatever that’s worth) in the region. Oh, and tattoo parlors are not mainstream (maybe illegal?) in the country.
  3. @JohnAC71 Yeah, tbh it feels pretty relieving hearing it honestly from other people. Before I wasn’t sure if it was just in my head and that was making me paranoid. Thank you so much for tagging people in and getting this topic going and getting me help. I’m definitely not getting another session, but I will go back and have a long talk with the doctor.
  4. @hairthere Thank you for your input and honest assessment. To get a word in on from a practitioner is very valuable. Could you please let me know what the dark smudges are on my head? And why the dots appear to be so many different sizes and shades? What other things would you say I should point out to the doctor who performed this? I’m going to have a good long talk with the hospital that did this and I would like to be able to point out everything wrong with the smp to them. It would be good to be able to have that talk with input given about my procedure from an actual practitioner and not just my own assessment and words. Also, would you say waiting a month to let it fade and then getting it laser removed would be easier? Or should I go for it asap?
  5. Thank you for this, appreciate it a lot! Originally, from watching all the videos, I had decided that NYC would be the best place for this procedure. But realistically, with the pandemic and my current life/work situation traveling just becomes impossible. Even if I could travel I couldn’t stay abroad more than a week due to family and work, so my sessions would get super spaced out. I will definitely get in touch though and see what my options are, thanks again!
  6. I definitely agree. My decision was very far from smart and driven by a lack of real alternatives available to me. Yes that large misshaped stain is what is weirding me out too, like, what even is that? It does make me hope (wish!) that with some fading and the normal viewing angles it might look not horrible... Thank you for your advice, I think I should start mailing other smp people with my pictures and see if I get a solution. Not too hopeful though as there isn’t a single video of any other place doing these procedures here.
  7. The place is called cosmesurge international hospital. I’m torn because they didn’t give any obvious red flags. Told me what the treatment was and wasn’t and basically everything else I’d read on various places and watched videos of over the last 1.5 years. Doctor was present and performed the hairline and temples himself along with some other work. I was concerned that some of their results looked darker, but they said that they fade and it’s to create the base for the (middle eastern) skin tone. The color mis-match wasn’t as obvious (but still noticeable at a foot away depending on lighting) at a distance before I shaved a few hours before taking the post picture. Here’s pre-shaving:
  8. About the second session, they said they would “align” it more and add softer texture to lower the hairline and blend the color better. That’s why I’ve no idea what to think about it. I want it to get better and I could get it lasered if it still doesn’t, but is it even worth going for it at this point? And would the laser be more difficult if I get a second one? The place is a hospital, that I don’t have an issue naming (or even the doctor) but just not sure if I should? I mean it’s my first time posting so I don’t know the finer forum rules. And I don’t even know if it’s an ok/redeemable job or just plain garbage on fire. Is it cool to just drop names in?
  9. Thank you for the quick reply. Yes, looks pretty terrible the longer I keep looking at it. Hoping against hope that it would just fade dramatically in a few days.
  10. Hi, I got my first SMP done over 6 days ago from the only place in my country that actually had videos and reviews of the Scalp Micropigmentation procedure. The process overall was nice and comfortable. The procedure was done by a hair transplant surgeon and his team. There are no tattoo parlors in my country so only cosmetic clinics and hospitals perform such procedures. I healed pretty quick and washed on day 3 post procedure after asking the doctor. I’ve attached a picture of what it looks like. I’ve no idea what to think. I told them it was dark and some dots were too large and the hairline needs some work. They said yes, all that can be done and that the darker areas will fade don’t worry. I feel pretty lost here. Should I wait it out and hope it gets better or get it lasered? Second appointment is scheduled for this Saturday (2nd Jan 2021). Any input would be appreciated. Traveling abroad to get it done wasn’t an option, and I went through with it because I wasn’t going to fret over being a norwood 6-7 in my mid twenties and do nothing about it. I decided to go through with it fully accepting that it might go bad.
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