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  1. Yea man I hear u! Systems have their drawbacks, I'm loving it now but maybe in a few years could feel different about it, we'll see.
  2. Thanks for the kind words bro! I'll take any win i can get in the hair loss battle....first world problems at the end of the day though
  3. Hey guys, just wanted to report back with my experience with hair system. I'm approaching the 3 month mark of wearing and so far it's been pretty great. I had an extremely bad first week. My stylist did a perimeter tape bond, but put water based glue in the center of my lace base unit. I did not understand the importance of brushing regularly and thoroughly and so developed some tangles and knots when I first washed "my" hair, where I think the glue seeped thru into the hair and knotted it up pretty badly. After that I never used glue again, just tape on perimeter and I've been a habitual brusher LOL, I've had no more tangle issues since then so the rookie mistake taught me a valuable lesson moving forward. I'm kind of amazed how light and cool the unit feels on my head, especially bc i started this journey during the hottest 3 months of the year in an extremely hot and humid region of the US. I honestly forget it's on my head. As far as getting ready in the morning it takes like no time at all, so quick and easy. Took me longer to shave my head. And the gym and sweating has been no problem either. The bond holds for about 18 days, and by that point only the front hairline breaks down and lifts, sides and back still good. I did my first at home diy detatch/reattach maintenance and cleaning a few days ago. I watched several YouTube tutorials on this, best one I found was one by MG Ford. Curtis MHE has some good ones as well. It took me a couple of hours but I really took my time with it and it was my first attempt, and it came out really good. I also cut and dye my own bio hair and have purchased Back2Natural color deposit conditioner which I'll use, next time I take it off, to dye the hair system back to darker to get some of the red tones out. I definitely have been happy with it so far. Much more manageable than I anticipated and I feel like once u learn to do the maintenance at home yourself and have the proper products (glue, tape, scalp protector, c22 etc.) it gives u much more control over your own life with a system. Also, still pretty amazed at how natural it looks. I know some on this thread mentioned the paranoia with wearing a system. I just don't have that bc I know it looks good. I honestly had paranoia with SMP, but not the hair system. Hopefully I can continue to have a great experiences with wearing systems, this has really helped my confidence tremendously:)
  4. Been wearing now about 2 months. Go to salon every 3 weeks for maintenance. So far great experience and i agree with Grincher, my only regret is not doing it years ago. Amazed and how easy it is to wear, and this is the toughest time of year with it being hot summer and I live it hot humid climate. Still pretty effortless to live with. So far it's easier and less maintenance than shaving head every day or two to make my SMP look good. Smp...smh LOL, what a waste
  5. Amen to that brother and I'm excited for you also! Let's hope a short time from now you and I are back here sharing our success stories with each other
  6. Good luck to you with your hair system journey bro! Sounds like u have a great attitude about it going in, and I think a healthy and realistic perspective is vital. I've also had some failed procedures, and rogaine and finasteride have done little to help regrow hair but have rather helped me keep what I have left. For me I feel this is something I can do to make myself look better, and I'm approaching it with the mindset that if I'm found out for "wearing" I honestly dont care bc this is for me and not for everyone else who really couldn't care less anyway. I'd say the vast majority of people are concerned with their own appearance, not mine LOL Is there going to be work involved? Yes Will there be some hard days? Yes Will I be neurotic and paranoid at first? Yes Is that all just part of the journey and will it be worth it in the end? Yes! Anything worth having in life is almost never easy and almost always involves work and some struggle! I ordered my first system last week and have my first install appointment in less than 2 weeks. I'm pretty excited!
  7. Wow, Alot of Blanket statements there with little regard to the countless individual factors and variables. Pretty typical though (not just yours but many posts on this thread)...when people are disappointed in what they held great hope in being their solution to a big problem, the negatives of the subject get Magnified, the positives are Minimized, and the personal struggles are over generalized. But I get it...that's just human nature...it's difficult to wish for other's success in a venture that was a failure for you.
  8. Hey Kraistoff, thanks man, I appreciate it! I'll probably give it a go, at this point I dont have too much left to lose...literally and figuratively LOL
  9. If you use as directed, and then discontinue using, does it cause "shock loss"?.....
  10. Hi guys, I'm thinking of starting Nizoral shampoo 2%, does anyone know if you would experience "shock loss" after discontinuing use of shampoo, similar to finasteride and minoxidil discontinuation?
  11. Hey guys, I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a happy and safe New Year! I just wanted to post an update. I visited a second salon a few days ago. It was a little nicer, had a hair salon downstairs and some nice offices upstairs where I had my consultation. This woman (stylist) I met with was younger, probably mid to late 30s, and I just liked her alot better. She was very down to earth, made me feel at ease, and seemed much more open, honest and forthcoming with information and details. The first place I went to the lady was older, probably more experienced, but she just kind of gave me a vibe like she wasn't being fully honest, especially when I asked her about Lordhair and Lavivid products.Anyways, this second place seemed great, and then she got into the systems they use and pricing... she said they also use OnRite, but mainly a product called Hairskeen, and she charges $1,000 for initial install, cut, and hair system and then $85 after that for maintenance appointments. The $1000 is not in my budget, especially paying this every 3 months, so I basically told her I'd think about it and get back in touch...I think she could read in my eyes and voice that this price was not gonna work for me, so she then told me I didnt have to get their hair system and could order my own, and if i went that route it would be $150 for the cut in and install, and then $85 for each maintenance appointment. This was great news to me, bc this was the scenario I was looking for, and those prices are in my budget...especially given the fact that (according to my basic research) I get get a good quality system for $200-250.This lady was very informative and told me that if I do go there I can always call her in case of hair emergencies and she stays on call, and could get me in quick if I had issues, and would also teach me how to do alot of the maintenance myself and small touchups.She did some measurements on my head and matched my hair color.She said it was a color "2b" or "1B" with 20% gray, is anyone familiar with the color "1B" or "2b"? I cant remember which one she said. She said it was like a dark brown ash color. I looked on Lordhair site and I found a 1B so maybe that's what she said, I may have to call back and ask her again. I'm just trying to figure out the right color to order. She also said she suggested the lowest level of density, especially on the first system.I hope I explained all of that well enough, I know I'm kind of all over the place with these details, I apologize for that. Any feedback and advice would be greatly appreciated. I appreciate you guys and thanks for listening. Here's to a better 2021 for us all!
  12. Man, sounds like you had a great attitude and sense of humor about the whole thing, and that’s great advice about having that mentality going into the hair system journey, I will try to approach it with that frame of mind. Most people i talk to who have “worn hair” successfully, and are happy doing it, have that same mentality and say that it has to be something you do for yourself and not for others. Good luck to you with the transplant! I’ve seen some pretty amazing results and it is so incredible how far the ht medical field has come and how far technology has advanced in that area of expertise. Hopefully this COVID stuff won’t affect travel for much longer and you can get it done soon, I’m sure you are ready to get on with it
  13. Hey Gatspy! Man thank you for your response, and thank you for sharing your story and experience with me. That is all very helpful and useful information for a guy like me who doesnt know much and is just getting started, and it provides me with some extra perspective. Sounds like you are much happier not doing hair systems and that is great you have found your freedom and peace on hair loss journey. Have you gone in another direction like smp or HTs, or are you shaving now? I do not know if I will enjoy hair systems either, but I have to give it a shot and see if I can make it work, and above all else, decide whether or not the good outweighs the bad and if it is worth the hassle. It may not work out but time will tell. The lady I visited does not do contracts, and that is something I understand i should watch for and not get locked into, so I'm grateful for your validation of that. I have a consultation at another salon next week, and then I'll probably do a third at a salon that is about 55 miles from my home but looks promising. Ideally I would like to find a place that just does the work and maintenance and allows me to order my own unit of my choosing, but that may not be an option. May just have to take what I can get in order to learn and then order my own when I feel comfortable with the DIY way. That is great advice about asking HT surgeons, I will try that and do some research in that area. One good thing about the place I am visiting next week is that it's recommended by a HT surgeon in my area on their website, but whether or not that means much, who knows? Thanks again for your feedback and support and encouragement! Happy Holidays brother! Jake
  14. Hi Grincher, thanks for taking the time to read my post and for your helpful feedback man, greatly appreciated! So no, she says she doesnt do contracts, which I understand is a good sign and for me is good not to be tied into anything. And Like you said, ideally I would like to do the DIY way after a few months and just order my own units. I just would probably have to find a new person to do cut in. I guess my main concern with this place is that she only uses the "On Rite" brand and doesnt allow me the option to order my own from Lordhair or Northwest lace or Lavivid. When I try to find out info on that brand I cant find a whole lot online. I guess I'm wondering if she's using the best systems or just subpar to increase her profits. Have you heard of OnRite or know anything about that brand? Thanks again brother! 😀👍
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