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  1. Hey Kraistoff, thanks man, I appreciate it! I'll probably give it a go, at this point I dont have too much left to lose...literally and figuratively LOL
  2. If you use as directed, and then discontinue using, does it cause "shock loss"?.....
  3. Hi guys, I'm thinking of starting Nizoral shampoo 2%, does anyone know if you would experience "shock loss" after discontinuing use of shampoo, similar to finasteride and minoxidil discontinuation?
  4. Hey guys, I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a happy and safe New Year! I just wanted to post an update. I visited a second salon a few days ago. It was a little nicer, had a hair salon downstairs and some nice offices upstairs where I had my consultation. This woman (stylist) I met with was younger, probably mid to late 30s, and I just liked her alot better. She was very down to earth, made me feel at ease, and seemed much more open, honest and forthcoming with information and details. The first place I went to the lady was older, probably more experienced, but she just kind of gav
  5. Man, sounds like you had a great attitude and sense of humor about the whole thing, and that’s great advice about having that mentality going into the hair system journey, I will try to approach it with that frame of mind. Most people i talk to who have “worn hair” successfully, and are happy doing it, have that same mentality and say that it has to be something you do for yourself and not for others. Good luck to you with the transplant! I’ve seen some pretty amazing results and it is so incredible how far the ht medical field has come and how far technology has advanced in t
  6. Hey Gatspy! Man thank you for your response, and thank you for sharing your story and experience with me. That is all very helpful and useful information for a guy like me who doesnt know much and is just getting started, and it provides me with some extra perspective. Sounds like you are much happier not doing hair systems and that is great you have found your freedom and peace on hair loss journey. Have you gone in another direction like smp or HTs, or are you shaving now? I do not know if I will enjoy hair systems either, but I have to give it a shot and see if I can make it work
  7. Hi Grincher, thanks for taking the time to read my post and for your helpful feedback man, greatly appreciated! So no, she says she doesnt do contracts, which I understand is a good sign and for me is good not to be tied into anything. And Like you said, ideally I would like to do the DIY way after a few months and just order my own units. I just would probably have to find a new person to do cut in. I guess my main concern with this place is that she only uses the "On Rite" brand and doesnt allow me the option to order my own from Lordhair or Northwest lace or Lavivid. When I t
  8. Thank you sir! I appreciate that and thanks again for the information you provided 😀
  9. Thanks for your response and info Dr. T, I appreciate it. The systems you speak of sound great, but unfortunately they are way out of my price range. I cant afford anything near that. I am looking for a good quality hair system between $250 and $400 that'll last 3-4 months. Lavivid, Lord Hair and Northwest Lace are a few I've found that seem to have lots of guys online who have had good experiences with them. My challenge now is finding a salon. So far the one salon I've visited uses one brand exclusively that I'm not familiar with
  10. Hi guys, I've been researching hair systems for over a year now and hoping to get started in the next 1-2 months. I visited a salon in my area today and the lady was very nice and answered all of my questions and seems very qualified. She and her assistant asked alot of questions about my lifestyle and work environment and took a good hour with me matching my bio hair to what they thought would be best on color wheel which was a very dark brown with 20-30 gray. She charges $370 for the initial install which includes the unit and cut in and just everything that goes with getting it initially in
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