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  1. Thanks man! Appreciate it. So happy with the results, especially now coming up at about 5 months.
  2. You got it! And nope not anymore. I had it for the first 2 months or so but scalp feels just about back to normal now. All feeling has returned too.
  3. Thank you bro! I have been on topical finasteride for about a year, and only recently switched to topical dutasteride. Right after my surgery, I did try oral finasteride 2x a week with no issues so bumped it to 3-4 and started experiencing depression so immediately discontinued and returned to topical solutions. It’s hard to tell if I’m getting the same benefit as oral finasteride since I only used it for about 2 months. I have a PhD so I’m adept at reading research studies, and so what I can say is that the published studies looking at oral versus topical finasteride show comparable efficacy. In other words, topical finasteride appears to show similar effectiveness as oral finasteride. There are no studies to date on topical dutasteride, but in theory given it’s potent anti-androgen effects it should work just as well (if not better) than topical finasteride - although still unclear since they have different molecular weights and that may affect absorption. In short, I’d continue speaking with Dr. Konior and listen to all his advice. He’s a clinician scientist - he’s published tons in this area - so he really is the expert Good luck!
  4. I decided to try and see the outcome but I also discussed it with Dr. Konior. He was happy to give it a shot. I part my hair to make sure I get it into the scalp and then I massage it into my scalp for about 20-30 seconds until I feel like it's spread around evenly. The solution is greasy so it'll take some time after you finish massaging for it to fully dry. As long as it's on the scalp I think it's fine. Good luck
  5. Thanks! Yes, I was on topical fin before and over last month or so I started to try topical dutasteride. The formulation is 0.1% dutasteride with 7.5% minoxidil + biotin. I use it once a day and I'm not sure about ml. It comes in a little bottle and the instructions say to apply up to 20 tiny drops to the scalp. I get my formulation from Strutyours.com
  6. Looking totally normal! I continued using raw aloe vera leaf on my suture line after 2 weeks up until around ~1.5 months and it really helped with soothing. I'm not sure if that'll help with the headache though Dr. Konior even said I could put it on the recipient area, but I didn't feel like I needed to.
  7. 4 Month update: Finally starting to fill up and already pretty happy with the results
  8. Thanks! Definitely not worried, very excited. Do you by any chance have 3-month photos of your progress you'd be able to share (or links to your original hairline procedures)? I've tried searching your earlier results but haven't been able to find them.
  9. Hang in there! I didn't see anything until the 3rd month, and I'm on a pretty intense cocktail of meds (daily oral minoxidil, and topical dutasteride). You've gone to the best -- it's only up from here
  10. 3 month update: Houston -- we have lift off! Finally some growth, particularly on left side (3rd pic), right side (4th pic) has some catching up to do. FUT scar is still healing and pink (particularly on left side where I bumped my head post-op and opened up a suture). Sides are buzzed to 3.5 guard. Hairline: FUT scar:
  11. You may very well be the lucky 1% who keeps most grafts and avoids the ugly duckling phase. Unreal!
  12. If you have aggressive balding and don’t mind keeping your hair longer (>4 guard on sides) then I’d recommend FUT to preserve and maximize future donor. Of course, it’s always best to speak to your doctor to weigh pros/cons.
  13. He is hyper-involved and is in the room at all times. I know he only does 1 patient at a time. My eyes were covered to help with relaxation so it’s best best to reach out to Dr. Konior directly for questions about specific involvement.
  14. Thanks! Feeling has returned to about 60% normal. I expect the rest to return over the coming months. Honestly, if the end result is great, I personally could care less about the numbness/sensitivity — the price to pay for density and a larger procedure.
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