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  1. Better view of the pitting. I will definitely be naming my surgeon so everyone can avoid him in the future. He seemed very ethical to me and had excellent reviews/was expensive. We even explicitly talked about how to avoid pitting in the initial consultation. I'm just disappointed at this point.
  2. Yea, I'm happy w the hairline placement. It looks natural and age appropriate, which is exactly what I wanted. Its a big improvement from where I started (I guess I didn't post any pre surgery pics so I'll add one). I won't be returning to this surgeon regardless, so I don't see the benefit in discussing the areas of concern w him. My plan for now is to let it grow to 12 months and then discuss repair/density increase w Konior or another top surgeon. I do think density will increase on the left side, but the cornrows and pitted grafts are going to remain. My concern is when I wan
  3. Like I said, it's difficult to see with the pics but up close under lighting the cornrows are very clear. I highlighted where they are most visible. The graft placement on my right and left side are drasticly different. I'm actually relatively happy with the placement of the hairline in general. I wanted something age appropriate. I might lower the hairline a touch but likely will just try and camouflage the cornrows and add some density to both sides.
  4. Dr made the incisions so yes you are correct that he is to blame for the graft cornrows placement. I will be naming him after 12 months so everyone can see the work for themselves and make their own personal judgment. I will be using an elite surgeon like Konior to try and repair this work.
  5. Here are a few more pics that really show the dramatic difference in sides. Does this appear to be something that can be easily repaired? The left side looks very bad at the moment and I am deeply regretting not finding this forum before the transplant. I was willing to pay for the highest quality work and thought I found a skilled and ethical surgeon. I'm very disappointed.
  6. It could grow, but the corn row formation and deep obvious pitted grafts will remain. As I mentioned, Im not as concerned with the growth...its the cornrows and deep grafts that are the problem. Regardless of the amount of camouflage, those problems will remain.
  7. Update at 7 months and 1 week. It seems to be a tale of two techs. Im extremely happy with the right side, the grafts look to be placed very well. They are not noticeable at all and were not placed in rows. The growth is coming along very well and I would be ecstatic if both sides of the transplant looked like this. However.... The left side is a different story. It is not growing in at the same rate as the right, which is understandable and not a concern to me at all. The concern is that the grafts are so obviously placed in a cornrow formation that it is extremely evident w
  8. Yes I'm most concerned with the noticeable cornrows. My only realistic option is to hope the growth camouflages them, correct?
  9. I thought I would use this thread to post updates of my progress. It has now been 5 months and two days since my procedure. The right side growth looks good for this stage and there is no scarring on the recipient area and no noticeable grafts when looking up close. Im happy with this side. There were two techs that did the implanting and this tech was obviously far more skilled than the one that did the left side. The left side is a different story. There is poor growth so far, but I know I'm only 5 months in so I will be patient with that aspect. The biggest concern for me is the
  10. Thanks for the quick response @DrTBarghouthi. I have been using aloe vera religiously. The rough skin/bumps are something that could potentially heal on their own or they will likely look like this indefinitely?
  11. Im on fin. I would rather not say my surgeons name until after 9-10 months. He was well reviewed and came recommended and was expensive. I searched his name on here yesterday and his name came up positively a few times but he is not one that is recommended by the forum. Unfortunately I did not know of this forum when I had my HT. Im confident the discoloration will likely fade with time but the cobblestoning seems very bad to me and Im not quite sure how that is going to be resolved on its own? I guess my best option would be to have another fue to cover it up and thicken the
  12. Here are some pics that were taken today. To me the scarring/discoloration/rough skin/cobblestoning looks unlike most of the other photos Ive seen from this stage. I know its possible that I am a slow healer but wouldn't the cobblestoning be due to surgeon error and therefore not something that is going to heal over time?
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