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  1. Yes, we did agree on the number of grafts before the surgery. I do trust this surgeon’s judgment (and I respect your opinion), so I guess time will tell. I did have a large amount of 3 hair grafts, so hopefully the density will look OK at the end of 1 year. I lost a decent amount of hairs after the scabs fell off, so hoping that the sparseness is related to that. Appreciate the response.
  2. Sure, here are the before and after pics. The graft count was around 2,200 grafts. This was in Brazil, I’m going to hold off on sharing who the surgeon was for now, but I may share at a future date.
  3. Hi Guys, I’m 2 weeks post FUE transplant. I noticed that after my scabs came out after 11 days, the area behind my hairline is looking a little sparse. I did notice a decent amount of hairs falling out with the scabs (no bleeding), so hoping that this is related to the shedding phase. These areas were densely packed post surgery, so these bald spots took me by surprise after the scabs fell off. I’m sure it’s shedding related, but just wanted to see if anyone else experienced this and to ease my concerns. Appreciate any advice/comments you can share.
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