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  1. Are you on topical dutasteride then? How do you find it?
  2. Hey @PizzaWolf thanks for your reply. What are those experimental compounds with low rates of absorption? Topical finasteride?
  3. I haven't - is it as effective as finasteride that is orally admitted? Do brandings matter?
  4. Am I too young for a HT? And is Dr Reddy still closed to new patients?
  5. Hi folks, I'm new to this forum, so I hope I won't bore you with any previously answered questions. I'm 25. I started shedding 2 years ago with patches of my scalp starting to really show about 15 months ago. I decided to go to Belgravia Centre here in the UK for a treatment course. I was initially prescribed finasteride 1mg + minoxidil 5% w/ localised DHT blockers. I did however stop taking fin after one tablet (I know!) because I started displaying some AWFUL side effects and asked for it to be taken out of my course completely, let alone some horrid stories I've read up about fin.
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