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  1. Yes. And they all together discussed with me the hairline for like 30 minutes. Not a joke. 30 minutes.😂
  2. You are right. Every step is made by the doc himself. Afaik, there is no chance do decide which doc you want.
  3. Thank you for your very clear and nice explanation and opinion!
  4. Sorry but I don’t unterstand your Point. As you can see, I lost around 70% of my hair at the front and crown area, there is not much more that could fall out, so why wait? This is nonsense for me. I am taking fin and it is working great but before the HT I easily was a NW5+. My fortune is that I have a very dense donor area, so a transplant for the FULL head was not a problem.
  5. Thanks a lot, these warm words mean much to me! I hope so, too! I come from Germany, I took a direct flight.
  6. 55 is the cm2 area. They transplanted with 50 density = around 2700 grafts. Yes, 30 grafts per cm2 for the crown will be transplanted in March next year so around 2000 then. I should be fine for a long long time then.
  7. Unfortunately these 20 pictures are the only ones on my new phone, I don’t have other ones, I’m sorry. Have a nice stay at HLC and please, if you remember it then, could you greet Engin from me, Jacob? That would be so nice!!
  8. The customer Service is OK imo. There is a guy, Engin, who contacts me sometimes and asks if everything is alright but I know what you mean. The guy at HLC I contacted first was a bit ...short in his messages. But friendly too. Yes they mapped my donor and as mentioned, they calculated 5000 grafts remaining. In the pics above there is one picture which shows the mapping. I was afraid you would mean that this is not 50 grafts density. But it should be, right? It looks so dense right after post op
  9. My mom‘s side family has dense hair. My dad is 60 years old and has the same status as I had pre OP. I know that this is was risky and the hair at the sides could fall. But that’s why I take fin and it works. No side effects
  10. Don’t worry, I didn’t get your answer wrong, I am happy for every opinion. I know exactly what you mean but for me the thing is: I am young NOW. I felt so depressed with the status pre operation so I felt I had to take this step. finasteride fortunately is working very good - I even recovered hair at the crown area and I thickens much more. Donor management has been made and they said that about 9000 grafts can be taken (good donor with mostly 3 hair grafts). So i have 5000 or so left. 💪🏼😌
  11. Tell me one reason, please. I need one more session for the crown, then my head is full of only new hair. So that’s the plan
  12. As you can see I have already lost a lot of my hair so no need to wait. Also I take medication (Finasteride)
  13. Hello guys, i want to share the experience of my Hair transplant at HLC in Ankara. The operation was in July 2020, when the pandemic situation was under better control. 11th july - 13th july 2020 grafts: 3850 density: front 50, mid 30 grafts /cm2 doctor: dr. Elif medication 1mg finasteride since July 2020 age: 22. you find my pictures attached below. Right now I am in month 4 post OP. The pictures have been taken from the status before the HT until today chronologically. The crown area will be done in another session. please let me know your
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