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  1. Judging by your time record, you seem like a meticulous person.. and you are probably over analyzing your hair state... frankly the hair you have currently, many (myself included) would drop a pretty penny to have.... with your regimen, I dont see an HT in the near future i.e you dont need one
  2. True. From what I am told, Dr Hasson 'only' does FUE now, while Dr Wong does both...
  3. I am planning to book my first HT procedure with H&W (after consulting with the clinic) I realize both Dr Hasson and Dr Wong are great, so this is certainly not meant as a who is a "better" doctor. Wanted to get peoples perspective as to which doc may be better suited for my specific situation (NW6, FUE, approx 3000 graft to the frontal third.. conservative hairline) ?
  4. Update: after a few more months of pondering, very close to booking an HT. I have narrowed down 3 options (some quite different) and hoping to get some insights Recap: Advance hair loss (NW6). I understand how starting with FUT will most likely yield more lifetime grafts. I also understand strips scars can be managed expertly, and even filled with FUE/SMP later on. But I am not comfortable with FUT, and have ruled it out. I like shaving/keeping my back and side short and would like to keep that option. In addition, to mitigate the potential “lost” grafts by not going down FUT
  5. Thanks for arranging and hosting the session.. it was very informative and good insight into each of the doctors position on different topics.
  6. Pardon the social media ignorance.. but how does this work? (I have never used instagram) After signing up for insta, then what?
  7. What are the main reasons why many clinics (perhaps excluding Eugenix namely), including CHI, dont have a lot of high NW 'before and after' photos on their website: - Is it simply a case of probability. Statistically speaking there will always be more NW 1 than 2, 2 more than 3, and so on.. But even taking that into consideration, the proportion of high NW photos posted is disproportionate - Is it because the end result of high NW HT are not aesthetically pleasing i.e not great marketing - is it a reflection of the types of cases entertained by clinics - something other tha
  8. Whats you definition of "mega session" ?.. So far the approach that 'feels right' to me is a) 1st HT: aim somewhere between 3k-4k grafts to target frontal and midscalp b) 2nd HT (potentially after a year or so): aim for crown (if possible).. I like what I see about Eugenix, but have 2 reservations: a) I dont want to do the whole scalp (if possible) all at once b) getting paperwork to go to India will be very difficult..
  9. Thanks for sharing... Good on you to go ahead with the HT and change your strategy based on your research.. Look forward to seeing your progress pics..
  10. I am sure Rahal/H&W are good, but dont believe they are big on BHT. So I am not considering them.Dr Jones did share a photo (which seem acceptable) but he didnt sound too big on BHT.
  11. Totally agree with everything you wrote. And I am considering taking Finas, however we are currently in the process of IVF (another expensive roller coaster) and all doctors that I have asked have advise to wait for IVF to be over before I jump onto Finas. Coming back to your point, what is the best way to avoid being in that situation where you end up in a clinic with totally different possiblities ? In my case, the only doctor closest to me (Dr jones is 20 mins away) is not meeting patient in person due to covid. On our call he said the first time i meet him will be for the surge
  12. Like what ? I do hear their post surgery etiquettes are a bit lacking
  13. Questions for all: - When you guys do online consultations, how detailed are the recommendations you receive i.e do you get proposed plans drawn out ? (So far, the only doctor that drew out a proposed plan on my own photo was Dr Bruno F.. I asked HLC for a drawn out plan, but didnt have any luck.. the rest of the consultations, I never asked, they never provided.. so just trying to find out what is the norm ? - Eugenix: I see and read a lot of positive stuff about them and hopefully its all legit and all power to them. The one reservation I have is that are there a lot of long term
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