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  1. Yes..its mostly all back to normal. I wasnt too concerned as I have read beforehand that its quite common in the beginning. I am sure yours will be back to normal pretty soon.
  2. Personally I think its too early to say that there is an issue.. everyone heals at a different pace.. I too was concerned about this after my FUE (3 month post HT currently), but it certainly keeps subsiding after every month.... best of luck
  3. Good to stay back at least 48 hours.. get your first couple of washes at the clinics and they can inspect to make sure everything is ok.. plus the clinic will pay for those 2 nights at the hotel.. lots of eating options around the Sheraton they will put up in.. Best of luck
  4. your overall expectations will be key.. not expecting people to say "he's going bald" is, in my opinion, a tall order... as people have mentioned, HT is an illusion of density, specially for people with higher norwood and less than ideal donor... if you do go ahead... FUT+ DUE or FUE + BHT will be your options... its good that your sides have still not fallen completely... i would suggest you try min/fin since you have lots of miniaturized hair and those may get some help...but they are both lifetime commitments, so only do if your serious about moving ahead with addressing your hair loss.. best of luck
  5. true... that was the thought behind going to H&W for the 1st.. now I am thinking of going to Eugenix next year for the 2nd HT.. thanks
  6. your donor looks good. Pretty confident you will have a great cosmetic improvement via an HT should you choose to go with a good doctor.. lots of people here have had an HT and dont take Finas, and seem to be doing well.. best of luck..
  7. Did you notice any initial shedding when you started taking finas (if so, when did it start/stop)... topical or oral ? .. Are you planning on re-starting after future HT (I recall you mentioned you were planning on a future HT) I should be getting my topical finas soon (takes 3 months for prescription to fill), so trying to gauge what to expect when I start using it.
  8. Not only is that an inaccurate characterization of what I have said so far, but some poor choice of words too re: "hate" "disgruntled"... You have been very helpful to me both directly (via private messages) and indirectly (maintaining this forum), so I will definitely give you the benefit of doubt, that you didnt mean those words in their true sense. I dont hate anybody in this world.. life's too short for that and no one is that important frankly... I dont have any agenda against anyone (I wish I had that much time on hand)... I am simply sharing experiences from my personal journey, which I am hoping is a tiny way of giving back to people in the same position as I was or am... Some of my experiences were positives and some werent... Does that mean everyone else's experiences will be the same as mine.. of course not (the adults in this forum get that).. hence if I had great experience with Nadimi and H&W, does that mean no one will have bad experience with them.. of course not.. similarly, my experience with Rahal was not great, does that mean no one will have a great experience with him.. of course not... In fact in some of my Rahal comments you referred too, I clearly stated that I am not commenting on this skills, which I am sure they are great given all the positive reviews.. I simply thought that my personal consultation was rushed, and I was aggressively sold PRP and SMP. when I didnt wanted it.. my expectations were also quite modest.. at a minimum I wanted a frontal 3rd done to frame my face... which is what I eventually got done 3 years after my Rahal consultation I recall reading this forum extensively prior to having my consultation with Rahal, which is why I was even more gutted and truly felt that I had no other option beyond PRP/SMP (because my impression was that this is one of the best clinics in the world).. Is that completely on Rahal.. No.. I could have done better research and been more well equipped to take the rejection and I take accountability for that.... But life happened, and I simply gave up for another 2 years, until I re-started my research again.. During this research I came across some great honest feedback.. basically what was possible and what was not.. For instance Dr Nadimi told me what I can expect as for sure in terms of cosmetic improvement, and then what I "might" be able to achieve in future HT's given that I recover well etc... 2 clinics went even further, and said while they can give me a decent level of cosmetic improvement, they think I have a better shot if I went to a clinic that also did BHT (which I thought was great level of honesty) Based on this, my 'personal' opinion (and maybe I am wrong) is that Rahal seems to not focus on difficult cases. In my past comments, I even qualified this opinion of mine by saying that "its his business and he can run it as he pleases" but it would have been helpful, at least in my personal experience, had he taking more of a patient approach (and transparent feedback) as oppose to business centric, which in my case was trying to sell me PRP/SMP.....again that is just my personal experience. Does that mean the clinic wouldnt be a good choice for others, of course not. I am sure they can do wonders for other patients. Thats it... nothing more or less... No hatred or disgruntleness .. just simply sharing my personal experience (and trying to keep it balanced as much as possible, even when my own experience was not great) so just in case anyone else is in my similar shoes gets a rejection, they shouldn't feel like its the end of the road (I also get that for some HT may truly not be an option)... I think I shared a negative personal experience as balanced as I could, and I believe @Westview was also sharing a balanced opinion. And the example you shared to counter the views (which again is not needed, as we both agreed there are two sides to this) is also of NW2, minimal thinning, almost no family history of baldness, on meds.. and pre-HT hair that most bald people will give up their 5th born for.... which actually reinforces my overall assessment of the clinic...
  9. Dr Jones did share some patient pics over watsapp with me... so you can go down that route too... fyi.. he was not doing any in person consultation 9 months ago due to covid.. so not sure if he's changed that now ... best of luck..
  10. In GTA, you dont have much (any) options.. There is Dr Jones in Oakville, but I have almost never seen a patient of his posting their results .. Rahal in Ottawa will simply reject you because your end results are not going to be worth his hall of fame... your only good option in Canada is H&W in Vancouver... there are also many more options in US, Europe and India.. but I guess you want to stay within Canada.. best of luck..
  11. I have had an in-person consultation with Rahal, a few years back, and in hindsight, I wish I had never wasted a single minute meeting him, let alone a 4 hr travel and an overnight hotel stay. My personal opinion is that he simply looks for 'poster' worthy cases, and avoids challenging cases. I get that its a business and he can run it as he pleases, but as a doctor, it would be nice if he was more transparent and clear in his evaluation. He spent about 5 mins talking to me, and simply started selling me PRP and SMP, when I clearly said I was not open to it. For the next 6 months, his sales rep kept trying to sell PRP and SMP..... This is not to say Rahal doesnt have skills, but my overall impression was that this place was more about mass business than individual patient care.. I also had an in-person consultation with Dr Nadimi. She came across as a thorough professional. Dont expect her to sugar coat anything, but I found her to be honest, attentive to your expectations and never tried to sell her opinion to you. Even her online communication was impeccable.. Frankly, I never had to wait more than 12 hours for her reply.. she was detailed, to the point and very helpful.. Granted she is less experienced than some other doctors, but I believe that her waiting list (and perhaps even prices) will soon be elite level... I would also advise you to look into H&W.. (Thats the clinic I finally went ahead with). best of luck..
  12. as @Gatsbysaid.. do a lot of research and ask a lot of questions.. things are not as 'black and white' nor linear as they may seem aka just because there is a notion that FUT before FUE yields more lifetime graft, doesnt mean that applies to all potential patient or situations... From personal experience, your initial feedback from H&W can just come from the consultant, based on their experience.. this doesnt however have to be the final word... You can share more information and have further conversation with the consultant or ask to get direct feedback from the docs.. again this doesnt mean that their recommendation will not change based on additional feedback, better pics or in person conversation... also know that Dr Hasson primarily now only focusses on FUE (at least thats what I was told) while Dr Wong does both (but of course he does a fair chunk of the clinics FUT's)... from personal experience, my communication with H&W was over several months/years, and between that time my prognosis evolved quite a bit.. I went from being a good candidate, to not so good, to good again, to FUT strongly recommended to FUT or FUE not making a big difference in my case... And the reason for differing opinion was simply more information (my preferences evolved, I shared better pics, I spoke to the consultant over the phone vs email, I had an in-person evaluation with the doc vs email)....while most clinics are good at giving decently accurate virtual recommendation, in my opinion nothing replaces an in-person doctor consultation... level of miniaturization, hair caliber, skin laxity, etc can all either further reinforce your initial recommended option, or slight shift favor to another (FUT vs FUE).. for example in my case, simply the fact that the lead tech involved in my HT was, in Dr Wong's opinion, "not just the best in North america, but perhaps the world", improved my FUE odds significantly (as her transection rates are minimal)... best of luck..
  13. Not a lot of options in GTA.. within canada, H&W is your best option IMO.. dr wong is great with diffuse thinners.. While you havent shown any pics and while its true that not everyone is a good candidate, I would not get too discouraged by Rahal's rejection. His inaccurate assessment costed me 2 years of inaction. If you do decide to share pics, I am sure you will get honest and robust advice on this forum Best of luck..
  14. I havent been to a barber in years. I simply buzz my hair for the last 8 or so years.. i know tons of ppl who have gone down tht route and loved it... give it a try, you may just like it.. you dont have anytnin to lose, jus to gain in this strategy...
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