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  1. Whats you definition of "mega session" ?.. So far the approach that 'feels right' to me is a) 1st HT: aim somewhere between 3k-4k grafts to target frontal and midscalp b) 2nd HT (potentially after a year or so): aim for crown (if possible).. I like what I see about Eugenix, but have 2 reservations: a) I dont want to do the whole scalp (if possible) all at once b) getting paperwork to go to India will be very difficult..
  2. Thanks for sharing... Good on you to go ahead with the HT and change your strategy based on your research.. Look forward to seeing your progress pics..
  3. I am sure Rahal/H&W are good, but dont believe they are big on BHT. So I am not considering them.Dr Jones did share a photo (which seem acceptable) but he didnt sound too big on BHT.
  4. Totally agree with everything you wrote. And I am considering taking Finas, however we are currently in the process of IVF (another expensive roller coaster) and all doctors that I have asked have advise to wait for IVF to be over before I jump onto Finas. Coming back to your point, what is the best way to avoid being in that situation where you end up in a clinic with totally different possiblities ? In my case, the only doctor closest to me (Dr jones is 20 mins away) is not meeting patient in person due to covid. On our call he said the first time i meet him will be for the surge
  5. Like what ? I do hear their post surgery etiquettes are a bit lacking
  6. Questions for all: - When you guys do online consultations, how detailed are the recommendations you receive i.e do you get proposed plans drawn out ? (So far, the only doctor that drew out a proposed plan on my own photo was Dr Bruno F.. I asked HLC for a drawn out plan, but didnt have any luck.. the rest of the consultations, I never asked, they never provided.. so just trying to find out what is the norm ? - Eugenix: I see and read a lot of positive stuff about them and hopefully its all legit and all power to them. The one reservation I have is that are there a lot of long term
  7. I too am leaning towards them, given that I feel they are good with BHT, something I "have" to rely on.. I spoke twice with their consultant.. and he said they are booking Feb 2021.. told them I was hoping Dec 2020, and he said I will let you know if their was any cancellation.. frankly, there has been no pressure to book dates, and both calls were requested by me. There has been no hard sell tactic at all, almost to a point where I wouldnt mind some lol..
  8. I dont completely disagree with what you said but I also think the reality is not that linear... In my short experience, I also feel certain Dr/clinic have a certain clientele/density/end result that they want to cater too... especially some of the more recognized and well know clinics I feel tend to become more "selective".. Some can argue its because they are "ethical" (not sayin they arent) but others can equally make the case that they are simply looking for more poster cases... I just spoke to a consultant from one of the most highly recommended clinics in the world today (will avoi
  9. At least personally speaking I did not get that feeling from either HLC or Dr Bisanga.. Both were measured and conservative in their approach... HLC only gave me a high level idea of what I can expect, but repeatedly said that an in person meeting will confirm things accurately.. Dr Bisanga, was not even willing to give a high level idea after I shared photos.. Only after I did a zoom call with Dr Bisanga, did he provide his opinion, and still said it can change once he meets in person.. Neither HLC nor Bisanga or for that matter any doctor/clinic (you can see the list in my orginal post) push
  10. The physical scar is my secondary concern.. the mental one from having thinking there is a physical one back in the back from head, is the main concern.. Unfortunately I gotta live with myself..
  11. thanks bud.. I have had this in my back pocket since I got onto this forum a few months back.. thanks for compiling
  12. Personally I have refrained from asking cost from most clinics yet, dont want that to skew my final decision.. Of course, $$ is always a consideration, and I will cross that river when I get there... but I would imagine 8000 from H&W can not be cheap (aka super expensive)
  13. Can I ask why you recommend a mega 8000 FUE+BHT ?.. isnt it prudent to do it in steps, in case the 1st procedure have some drastic shock loss or other set backs... Thats actually one thing that puts me a little off about Eugenix, since they (from what I see) go for mega sessions... again, interested what the medical reason behind mega sessions is ?
  14. Although I dont refute the efficacy of what you are saying (frankly, I havent researched on the topic to form an opinion) I am not personally open to FUT (even if that is based on incomplete info).... If the choice was between FUE+BHT that would not cover crown vs FUT, I will choose the former.. if the choice was to not do an HT altogether vs FUT (this one will be much more difficult to swallow, but I will still choose no HT).... Maybe I will evolve my decision, but thats where I stand for now.. Again, all power to the folks who go down the FUT route first, just not my cup of tea .......
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