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  1. Hi Ciaus, Thanks for the response! So the hair length you saw in the first images isn't usually the length I have my hair at. It was more so that length because I've wanted to post on here for a bit and thought it might be easier to show grafts and scarring if I grew it out for a couple weeks. I've attached some images of my hair right after I (poorly) shaved my head- which is the length I've had since getting SMP. I have been taking Finasteride for about 3-4 months now and will continue to do so. Appreciate your take on FUT/FUE as well in regards to scarring. The SMP I got has really he
  2. Appreciate the feedback! I've actually already gotten an SMP procedure done and was happy with the "illusion" of density that it added when i buzzed my head really short. In regards to longer hair, because I loose quite a lot of thickness I have used Caboki and other fiber/powders in the past but have found them to be a bit tedious. Maybe I am being a bit unreasonable about expectations given the current hair I have now- but would you think one more FUE procedure would be beneficial?
  3. Hello All, Hope everyone is keeping healthy! I am a 24 year old male who has gotten 2 FUT procedures (one in 2017 and another in 2018) along with SMP treatment a few months ago and am looking for suggestions in regards to potential next steps as I hope to continue my hair growth procedure. As you can see in the attached photos, this is what my head looks like around 2 weeks prior to shaving my head- which I usually do now following the SMP procedure. There has been solid growth considering what my hair looked like before my first FUT procedure, but still not enough to feel "comfortable" i
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