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  1. Thank you @Melvin-Moderator for the input. Starting to feel a little better. It’s hard for me to not to fixate on things while I’m on the waiting stages.
  2. Thank you @hairlossPA for the input. I’m really freaking out about it and trying to rein it in. Your explanation does make sense and I pray this is the case.
  3. I did take it with the flash. This is the worst looking photo out of the ones I took. Here is one a couple days prior to the original post without the flash.
  4. Thanks for the reply @deitel130. I see that you have had two FUTs one with sutures and one with staples? Is that correct? Did the sutures leave a worse scar than the staples?
  5. Also, if there are any suggestions on what I can do to stimulate growth let me know. I was wondering if microneedling with prp would help when I’m closer to 3 months out and there is less inflammation.
  6. Hi, I am currently 1 month and 3 weeks post FUT transplant and am really worried about my scar. I had suture closure and am concerned I will have a train track or a railroad appearing scar once fully healed. I am praying this is shock loss around the suture sites. I do not believe this is stretching related, as I have not worked out or done any strenuous activity since the procedure. - Could this possibly be shock loss? - If anyone has had a similar healing scar or knows someone who has had one could you please share that story with me? - Are there any surgeons who can speak t
  7. Hello, I am looking for recommendations regarding a hair transplant surgeon who specializes in FUE and FUT. I am leaning more toward FUE. I recently had a hair transplant that went very wrong in very many ways and I am hoping to find somebody who can make me feel like myself again. When I received my hair transplant, I believe larger grafts were utilized instead of many small ones, like most surgeons do these days. To give you an idea, I had my surgery done with Natural Transplants. I thought there HUE (High-Yeild Unit Extraction) method was comparable to the FUT
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