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  1. Thank you all. I will post another feedback and some pictures soon.
  2. I managed to increase my dosage for Narco to twice and then take it every 4 hours and Ibuprofen in the middle. I managed to get thru the night and now feel lot better and able to sit and eat and not feel miserable.
  3. I got back 2 hours back and have been in tremendous pain around the circumference of head. Not just the strip area where the hair were removed from back. The doctor's office is closed and I am in tears even after taking Narco (Hydrocodone 325 mg). Should I just remove the bandage and take my chances? Is it just too tiight? Why so much pain. I feels like 9 or 10 on a scale of 0-10. It is 10:30 pm here and no other recourse available for me. I am so miserable.
  4. Thanks @BeHappyfor your useful replies. I am darker skin color (east-Indian brown). I can keep the video turned off for at least 2 days (Thu-Fri) and that gives 4 days after surgery and then I will see how it goes if I can wear some loose hat for a few days. Biggest concern was will I be groggy or whole face is swollen and I can't sit even at desk or in super pain. Seems not.
  5. I haven't done much research but getting transplant surgery from Dr. Diep in Los Gatos, California on Wed July 21. I am nervous to say the least. 1. How soon can I do any office work from home with video turned off and with video on? I have extremely important meeting next day? Usually do people have enough energy and senses to be in meeting next day after transplant? 2. How long before I can wear something on my head to turn on video. My company requires video to be on for all calls 3. They are going to offer AminoFill and A-cell as per the first Zoom conversation. Is either useful or beneficial and worth the extra price of $500 each? 4. We have a family vacation coming up. Usually (I know everyone is different) when can one go out and look like a monster and even spent a couple of hours on the beach? 5. What else should I keep in mind for successful transplant and less anxiety/nervousness? Thanks in advance for any help/pointers.
  6. Thanks @Stuart_j. Did you drive from SoCal to Portland for Dr. Gabel? Or did you fly during COVID? How long did it take to drive, if you did and may I ask why you chose his facility over another one in say Los Angeles area? How many grafts did you get and did you stay for a day or two in Portland? Were you concerned about a "hotel" overnight stay just after a surgery when you might be more susceptible to infection perhaps or have no help from family members like driving you or helping you etc.?
  7. Thanks @naakmuka. I am booking an appointment with Dr. Diep. I am still not sure if I want to travel for the surgery. It would mean taking a hotel there during COVID-19. Local is easier for a return visit as well. Thanks @pkipling I would definitely want to hear more about Dr. Mohebi and Dr. Gujrati. I do not want to travel to Los Angeles and find a hotel and stay for a day or two and then go back for a repeat visit if I can avoid it. Unless people feel that San Francisco Bay Area just doesn't have any good doctor which I find so strange given that I "assume" there would be lots of tech money here 🙂 I would gladly consider Dr. Gujrati if you feel that he would be somebody that I should. How would I find out more? Any ideas? Thanks again. I assume you suggest FUE no matter who I go with?
  8. Excellent point. I had skipped this. Now just need to figure out who might be the best nearby at least 🙂
  9. Thanks much. The one place that I checked is $5 per graft and Sara's office quoted $8. Not a huge difference but not small either.
  10. Just discovered this amazing website. I still need to go through many posts but wondering if others have suggestions. I am 46 year old with type 3 hair loss. Mostly on temples and a little bit on crown. I want to get hair transplant only on the front forehead area. I saw only one hair transplant surgeon so far. Dr. Miguel Canales of Silicon Valley Hair Institute & Aesthetic Dermatology in Foster City, California, US. I am looking for other advice and suggestions. I am OK with either FUE/FUT personally as I don't care about the scar that much but do care about best results. I prefer to get the surgery in San Francisco Bay Area and not travel outside as I am a single dad (with teenage kids) so don't want to leave them alone during COVID-19 etc. What are some surgeons that I should visit and then what questions should I ask? What is a good rate is it closer to $5 or $8 per graft? And does the Plasma rich treatment help after the surgery? Thanks much!! Really appreciate pointers and tips.
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