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  1. Ok, thanks. Are you satisfied with your HT? I believe I am a good candidate and it is safe regarding donor, so for my case especially, I can not find any big argument for HLC. The price is not important here, it is more and less similar, but available dates are more suitable for me if I go to Pekiner’s clinic.
  2. @Portugal25you went to dr Pekiner but you are also recommending to go to HLC? Is HLC really stands out than Pekiner?
  3. HLC 500 more than others. Hattingen is more conservative with ~2500 grafts
  4. HLC estimated more grafts than others, that is holding me back from them..
  5. Thanks @Portugal@25. So, you are choosing Pekiner before Hattingen? How do I check do I have miniaturised hair? It is for donor right?
  6. I saw It happened that Pekiner canceled the procedure. Besides that, do you think he is a good choice? Will I benefit if I wait half a year for other clinic? IMHO, there is little difference between Pekiner's and HLC's results. It mainly depends on the person and the starting position...
  7. I ordered the list on my judge. Hattingen is booked until summer, and Pekiner is available more and less during next month(s). Taking that timeline into account I am moving slightly towards Pekiner but I did not decide yet. Also, should I consider Bisanga in Athens?
  8. Thanks @JohnAC71. I already went through all forums, results and statements I could find, as a result I created this list and still can not make the decision.
  9. Hi, I am looking for a HT. I am 30y old, did not have any procedure before. Clinics estimated I need around 2500 - 3200 grafts and that I will probably need one more HT to cover back part because in future, I will lose hair there to. I am struggling to make a decision and here are my list. The main criteria are quality and naturalness, second are time and price. So, to better measure and judge, I would like to ask you what do you think, where I should go for FUE. 1. Hattingen 2. Pekiner 3. Keser 4. HLC Thanks
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