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  1. Follow up: So I just had a consultation with Arocha and he seems like a decent guy. He is the only recommended game in town though, and I would like additional consultations. - also spoke to a buddy that had his 5000 FUE in Turkey and he swears by the clinics out there. “Better and cheaper than the US”. Keep in mind he is from turkey but I knew him before and after his surgery an the results are decent.
  2. Thank you both for your comments and recommendation of Dr Arocha. I will definitely go get a consultation.
  3. Thanks for the reply John, I had seen some of those reviews/reviews already and they do seem to be reputable. Follow up to your comment then, if cost were no option, what region or physician/s would likely be in the top three? thanks again for reply
  4. Hi All, new and considering getting a procedure done. I am doing research now and have been discouraged while trying to navigate real vs phony reviews of surgeons and clinics in my area... any recommendations for the Houston TX area?
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