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  1. I think it depends on what kind of problem it is. If it is genetic, you might not be able to avoid a transplant. A friend of mine started going bald at 16, and it was because almost all the men in his family were bald. I also started losing my hair at one time, and it freaked me out at first. I decided to start taking supplements. After a while, biotin and various vitamins from https://prorganiq.com/ came to me. After a week, there was already less hair in my drain, and I looked better overall. My skin has taken on a more natural appearance.
  2. Hello! I had a similar situation, after the operation I wanted to smoke weed, but the doctors do not recommend doing this. It was necessary to abstain from smoking for 21 days, but after a week in the hospital they let me go home. At home, I did not follow the doctor's recommendations and smoked almost every day. I smoked kratom herb in small doses in order to relax and it helped me reduce the pain. I did not have any consequences after smoking, but it is possible that each organism reacts differently and in your case, everything can be completely different.
  3. In some circumstances, smoking can slow down the recovery process. If I were you, I would refrain from smoking until the recovery process is at least 70% -80% complete. I think after that everything will be fine. Anyway, could you share your experience? I can only say for sure about this product - https://getkush.io/product-category/concentrate/shatter/. Its use does not affect hair growth in any way. My father had a problem similar to yours and taking shatter did not affect his hair growth in any way. If you cannot quit smoking, then you can replace herb with this remedy. I think this is a good replacement. Good luck, I hope you can handle this stage in your life.
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