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  1. Just had my haircut and I’m really pleased with results to date. I’ve included a before/after pic for reference
  2. Thanks man! I really liked Dr Farjo’s drawing of the hairline pre-op and really pleased with the post-op result too. Looking forward to the next few months!
  3. Just over 5 months and definitely seeing significant growth now! A few pics in various lighting. The pic with the flash on is probably misleading as I still have a ‘cover up’ haircut so the transplanted hair is being heavily supported by existing hair. On the other pics I’ve tried to pull the existing hair back to show the actual transplanted hair.
  4. This stage is really strange. On one hand I look at the pic above and think it looks great and ‘full’ then under harsh lighting it looks bald with a few sparse hairs here and there. Just wondering how normal this is?
  5. Just under 2 weeks off the 5 month stage and thought I’d post an update
  6. Hey, thanks a lot for your reply. It’s really helpful. You kind of try and compare your own case to others that you’ve seen but when someone is drawing a direct comparison to their own results, it’s a huge help. Can’t wait for the next couple of months’ results !
  7. Thought I’d share a few pics at 17 weeks / 4 Months. it’s strange as in darker lights, my hair is starting to look thicker with less visible ‘scalp’ but it still looks extremely thin and sparse in harsh lighting. I’m hoping things thicken up over the next few weeks (maybe months).
  8. Wow. I can understand people (like myself) starting to doubt things but to blame the surgeon before waiting it out is pretty harsh. They obviously didn’t count to 10!
  9. Me: it won’t be until 12 months or more til you see the final results, relax. Also Me: PANIC 😆
  10. Hey guys. In 2 weeks time I’ll be at month 4 and I’m a little confused / concerned. The hair you can see in the pic is the hair that didn’t shed and has continued to grow. However, the hairs that did shed don’t appear to be growing in and, looking at other posts, I should have really seen some progress by month 4? just wondering if anyone has experienced the same, or has any advice? Thanks
  11. Hi guys. So I’m at week 6 and the redness has subsided considerably. Here is a pic of the right hand side. The shedding is strange. Some hair has shed whilst others stayed put and is now growing. I’ve also noticed really short hairs starting to sprout (where I assume the original hair shedded). Is this normal at week 6? I’ve read somewhere that hairs stay dormant for 2 months? Any advice appreciated.
  12. Ok thanks. I’ve mentally prepared myself for shedding but no doubt will throw the toys out the pram when it does happen 😂 In all seriousness, I’m happy to wait as long as it takes, as it’s a relatively short term wait for a pretty permanent solution 👍🏻
  13. Just wondering if anyone can give any advice re the new transplanted hair falling out. I was told that the new hairs would possibly fallout when the crust came off. I havent lost any hair yet and it appears to be growing. From what I've read, the new hair doesn't grow, falls out and then lays dormant for a few months. Just wondering if the hair is 'growing' whether I'll be one of the lucky ones whose hair grows straight back!!
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