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  1. Ugly duckling here I come ... 21th update : I had a nice two weeks with some hair on my head but that's it, it's over. I can definitely say I got into the ugly duckling stage.
  2. Is it normal to have a shedding after 15 days from surgery? It's not too early ?
  3. Day 14 update : On the 11th day all the scabs have gone down. I still have tenderness in the donor area but most of the pains has passed away. Some pics of the 14th day :
  4. I'm glad I'm done with this. Half an hour of injections is not a simple thing but after this its all runs. On the 10th day I will update again
  5. Hi all. I am a 40 years old from israel . I want to share with you my hair transplant progress with Dr. Cinik. I will need 2 seasons of HT - The first surgery will be on 31/10/20 and the second will be in 10 months . I'll keep you all updated over the course of the weeks and months. Attaches first image of before :
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