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  1. A bit late, but my two week photo followed by my three week one today. I've shed quite a bit the last four days as you can see.The only thing that anybody has noticed so far is that my ponytail has gone, its a bit like when somebody shaves their eyebrows off.....you know somethings not right but you can't put your finger on it🤣🤣🤣
  2. I told my wife she's getting a new man, she's still looking out of the window hahahaha
  3. I thought I'd have a shave to freshen up and feel better and I think its taken years off already. Pre op i haven't been shaving much and with a white beard I looked in my 60s
  4. No pain apart from sleeping is a bit shit, but that'll get better. Not much itching though the donor is still a bit tender, all meds going down well so far. Can't wait until I can touch it.
  5. Cheers, I'll be doing regular updates even if it bores everyone to death, I also don't see enough long term threads to follow. I will be posting for years, as it looks like people get to 12 months and then thats it, I'd like to see people 2 and 3 years on with different styles so we can appreciate what can be achieved. I do understand that people want to keep it private, but everyone is going to know ive had it done unless I wear a hat for the rest of my life.
  6. I couldn't find much info on this topic either, but I decided I will be shaving my sides as I've always done, scars or not.
  7. Hi, I had my hair op a couple of days ago and I'm going to blog it over the coming months, so here goes. A bit of background, I started receding at 17, 36 years ago so its been a slow journey to norwood 6. We all have different stories and its all very personal to each one of us, but we have all ended up at the same place on this forum. I also feel a bit cheeky having only just started researching in June. I know a lot if you have spent years doing it and I've basically ridden on the back of your hard work, so thanks for that. A forum
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