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  1. Haha, I am not kidding, actually using Blumaan his styling product. It's called Cavalier Clay.
  2. Here in the Netherlands, most of us know (if you are read up on hair transplants) that Dr. Gho is selling bullshit. I even know someone who was treated at (at an absurd cost). Result: terrible, so bad I've never seen it. Do not go there! That email makes me so angry, claims are being made that are not (or cannot be) fulfilled.
  3. It helped I started finasteride at 19 years old. I am 36 now. Thanks guys, your postive feedback is really encouraging, I am over critical (litterly searching for every little flaw).
  4. Am I to critical, or do I have unrealistic expectations of hair transplants? To me it looks like a quite bad result: He is really happy with it, what is good of course :).
  5. Thanks @Melvin-Moderator, great info! Correct me if I am wrong, the examples in your video looks more like maturation than newly popped grafts..? In my case it looks like, some grafts just didn't pop. What do you think of my progress so far?
  6. Thanks @JohnAC71, I thought that the hairs in the front rows get trough at first (better blood flow?). So that why I thought maybe this is it..
  7. Overall I should be very pleased with the results after 4 months and 25 days. But I am worried about a small patch on my hairline, I am really obsessed with it. I am staring it all the time, taking photo's, ask my girlfriend about it etc. etc.. I should be happy with my results (get a lot of compliments), but at this moment I am not, just of this. There is one patch in my hairline which should contain 2-3 grafts which haven't popped (yet?), and there were two short hairs in my skin. They were shedded because I just took them out of my skin without any resistance (photo is before). Do
  8. Thanks for your answer @gillenator. Do you mean the first photo or second one?
  9. Almost 5 months ago I had a hair transplant (hairline). I have good growth but still one empty spot in my hairline. I compared close up photos (one after transplant - growth now) and it looks like two grafts in that place still need to grow (if survived). I bought a cheapass microscope on Aliexpress (10 euro's). Are this the missing hair I am looking for, so is this a graft that grows (first photo). On the second photo it looks like a quite thick hair is under my skin.
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