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  1. Take a look here: https://www.realself.com/question/amsterdam-nl-hair-transplant-challenging-due-scar-tissue-de-recipient-area The general consensus of the surgeons is that a second hair transplant is not really more challenging.
  2. I am 34 days post-op, and I'd like to go to the sauna tomorrow (full day). Probably I am overly cautious but is it really safe to go? Will the heat of the sauna definitely not damage (or 'burn') my grafts? Post-op instructions tells my to stay away from the sauna for 4 weeks, still I am a bit afraid to go. My skin is healed, no scabs but skin still slightly pink.
  3. So, that should mean that my non-growing hair (have some in hairline) are transected (probaly). I had a transplant 4 weeks ago, most of the hair shed, but some are still in my scalp, without growing..
  4. Since 2003 I take 1.25 mg Finasteride per day, with satisfying results! Today I received a call from my GP (I have a new one, because I moved to a different city), she is not willing to prescribe me 5 mg Proscar anymore (or 1 mg Propecia). Finasteride causes hormonal imbalance and is bad for my prostate, was her explanation. I told her I've been using Finasteride for more than 17 years without any (significant) side effects. Nonetheless she won't prescribe it anymore.It really freaks me out, I just got a hair transplant (3 weeks ago) to restore my hairline and using Finasteride is really impor
  5. Thank you for your reply @Raphael84. I got ketoconazole 2% prescribed, which I am using now (2-3 times a week).
  6. I got a FUE transplant 3 weeks ago (had one before 5 years ago, hairline). After shaving my head the surgeon discovered seborrheic dermatitis on my scalp (photos). I was not aware of this skin condition. The surgeon told me it was not a problem, he was gonna to try to avoid the areas as much as possible while extracting. Which he did, but some grafts were taken from those areas. I just read there is a higher risk of compromised graft survival. Does this apply to me, while there is no dermatitis on recipient area? After reading @Raphael84 post, I am a bit worried...
  7. Actually it looks quite good. But I think more 'tattoo dots' are needed, this will increase the illusion of density, it will look better. The only downside is you cannot trim your hair really short anymore (shaved look, or buzzcut 1).
  8. I am 14 days post-op FUE hairtransplant (1400 grafts). Because I have some mild dandruff I would like to go back to the shampoo I used before the hair transplant. The active ingredient against dandruff and inflammation is 1% Piroctone olamine. Other ingredients are: - Ecklonia cava - Raspberry ketone - Panax ginseng - Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum) - EGCG - Carthamus tinctorius - Sanguisorba officinalis Can I use this shampoo safely, on a daily basis, or do I risk damaging the grafts? I have contacted the clinic but they indicate that they do not know the ac
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