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  1. Since I’ve seen it filling in some, I’ve been feeling more relaxed it will get there and don’t mind the time. Besides, even if it wasn’t going to get there, my only choice for now is how I feel about it. You guys have helped me to relax about it some more with your words. Thank you 🙏🏻. As for cut it or don’t cut it... I probably won’t cut it. I am out in the sun a lot and usually have a hat on but think a little extra hair will help for protect me. I don’t mind if people see a bald spot on the side of my head for now..... I can say I got a bald spot transplant😂.
  2. It seems like it’s slowly filling in from the outside but will check back in another month.
  3. Hi Guys, First a thanks to Spex for his mention of MSM. It’s been the first I’ve heard of it and that motivated me to go watch some YouTube videos of it and people seem to love it for hair growth. I’ve recently begun my shock loss regrowth campaign these last couple weeks and have been on the biotin, vitamins c,b and d (but not CBD 😉). I’m trying not to go too vitiman crazy but seems like MSM would be a valuable addition. Would you like to share about brand and dosage ? From what I was watching on the YouTube, seems like it’s popular to get it powdered and drink it starting wi
  4. It’s been long enough I have about a 10 day time lapse from when I first noticed the drop on about the 11th until 22nd.
  5. The surgery was performed “under the auspices” of Servet Terziler Since it was his hospital. There was a doctor who made the hairline, and one who came in to make the incisions for the grafts to be placed. Neither of them were him because they were female. I think it was a doctor doing the FUE but can’t remember because it was all a little much at that point and I was not conscious. As far as installing the grafts, that was done by nurses/techs . There was a team of three. Sometimes they rotated and sometimes, it was just one of them. I thought they had impressive patience. Thanks for th
  6. One more question if anyone knows: Is it ok to exercise while experiencing this (post operative effluvium/shock loss )? I enjoy being out on the water surfing and have taken the month off to recover from this procedure. As my month is about to end, I’m hoping to get back in the water. I know I should try to keep the scalp out of the sun and got a couple caps to try and do that with. Any tips for care of this? I’ll be sending the clinic a message about this too.
  7. Indeed. In Their own way way, they confirmed it would take about 6 months to grow back by saying if it hasn’t grown back by 7 months, we could talk again. Until then, I will wear hats, take biotin, fish oil, b vitamins, d vitamins and do my best to remain at peace with the process.
  8. Thanks for the confirmation John. Yes, I’ve been reading it can take about 6 months to grow back. I went to Esteworld in Istanbul.
  9. I went to Turkey with a Turkish friend last month. After we had been there a while, I found out he had received a hair transplant a couple years back. I never considered it but after seeing how well it worked out for him, considering it’s affordability along with the fact that Turkey is seemingly the world capital for hair transplants and of course that I was already there, I decided to go for it. After speaking with the person there, sending some photos and getting their recommendation, I arranged a procedure on the 26th September. I was asleep for the FUE process, awoke numb an
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