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  1. The redness has subsided for the most part. I'll try to get better pics later today. The left scalp has really come in. My concerns about him overfilling the left scalp kind of came true but it still looks pretty good. I might have to change which way I part my hair. Small price to pay for a better hairline though.
  2. So it’s been about 3 months since I’ve had the procedure so wanted to post a quick follow up. I did experience the temporary shedding period but it came and passed rather fast. At this point, most of the new hair is growing and thickening up. My hairline already looks a lot better and I’m starting to receive compliments. I’m sure in a month or two, with a haircut to even out the hairs, my hair will look fantastic. I really appreciate everyone dealing with my paranoia after I had the procedure, this was the best decision I’ve ever made.
  3. Eh, I mean goblet, split, zercher don't do much. I can't carry dumbbells that are 250lbs lol. Front squats are great but not for your hamstrings which is always the goal. It is what it is, I'm going to just feel it out. Leg press is fine but it just doesn't tear near as much muscle as good ole squats do. They also just release so much growth hormone. Like I said, I'll go a couple of months but I really don't think I can take a year off of squatting. I'm sure I can find a way to relieve the tension/pulling on the neck.
  4. That's just such a long time to take off from a full work out. Most doctors say you can resume lifting at a month in. I'll give it a couple of months for sure. But a year? That's a long time to not lift my legs properly.
  5. It's been over 3 weeks at this point so today I'm finally going back to the gym. Dr. Arocha cautioned to not do squats for a year which I really don't think I can do. I won't perform them for the next 1-2 months but will definitely have to at some point. I can't take a year off from squats... So for the time being, it's bench press, deadlift, and leg press.
  6. Most of the crusting has disappeared. Thought I’d take the time to show my hair wet so y’all can get an idea of where I’m at on the nw scale before growth occurs. As I mentioned in the first post, I’m a late nw2 and was basically a nw3 in the left temple (my left). I combed my hair that way so my hair didn’t look too bad before I did this but it was getting there since my scalp had started to thin. I’ll post some normal pictures of my hair here later. You can kind of see the outer line of the new hairline Arocha gave me. For the most part, he filled in the areas where I was receding
  7. True, they do all mention not to pick them as well so I'm just trying to let nature do its thing. And I am massaging them while washing my hair daily and even kind of lightly massaging them throughout the day when my hair is dry. Most of the crusting is no longer connected to the hair just stuck in my existing hair and can be combed out. Maybe just shows that it's healing. Who knows. I don't mind the uglies though. I had planned on staying inside for a while anyways.
  8. Well losing the graft means that it won't grow hair altogether. Losing the hair from a graft however is no problem. I remember reading somewhere how to detect if the hair contained a graft or if it's just a hair. Regardless, everything I've read says to not pick and to just carefully massage while washing your way and let the healing do its thing. Still trying to be careful, just don't want to lose any grafts. I know I sound pretty paranoid at this point but it's a product of not knowing if anything is wrong and not being able to confirm if any of the hairs that have come out contain t
  9. While applying minox and another time when scratching my head, I noticed transplanted hairs with crust on them come out. This is why I need to be careful being harsh on the transplanted hair. I know that these hairs most likely didn’t contain the graft but I just can’t be certain. I don’t want to see any of that.
  10. I’ve been massaging the crusts to get them off, and for the most part they are disconnected but just stuck in my air. I just don’t want to pick them off. I don’t mind how it looks just want to be cautious per some other people’s comments regarding taking grafts out when picking them. I’ve also started using nizoral to speed up getting rid of them. I might comb my hair to see if that helps.
  11. Just a quick update. Been washing my hair every day and massaging the grafts when I shampoo. I’ve also resumed minox both on my existing hair and the new grafts. The crusting has gotten a little crazy. I’m not concerned but it’s interesting that all the crust is coming off so late. Not sure if I should be worried however since I’m 2 days away from week 3. The crusts are for the most part not connected to the graft anymore but stuck in my existing hair. I don’t want to pick them out or anything so my plan is to just keep shampooing daily and massaging the grafts with the suds. Here
  12. Thank y'all for making me feel better lol. It seems like the hair is still there. I must admit, it's very bizarre running my fingers through my scalp. There is my normal hair and then this big thick patch of stubs. I have noticed a lot of scabbing coming loose. It looks more like crust and is just caught up by my hair/barely hanging on. I have started to work shampoo into my grafts and lightly massage them. I'm shampooing daily at this point as well. I don't want to pick the scabs/crust, just let it come loose and work it's way out on its own by shampooing and massaging.
  13. Kind of having a little freak out. Was celebrating thanks giving and a little nephew of mine hit my head smack dab on the grafts with a tether all. It wasn’t too hard but am still nervous. Really hoping this didn’t knock out any of the grafts. I’m on day 13 at this point
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