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  1. I felt comfortable enough slicking back my hair in the shower, was very nervewrecking. Here is where I’m at 11 days in. It’s hard to see the grafts since he really worked them into my existing hairline. I don’t see much scabbing but I feel it. It’s kind of weird, I was shampooing my hair and there is just this thick patch of stubs that encase my hairline. I’ve also allowed the shower water to come into contact with the grafts slightly. I’m most likely going to start minox again next week. I just want all potential scabs/open wounds to be healed before applying minoxidil to
  2. I'm feeling a very weird tingling in the right side scalp. Not sure if it's good or bad but it's not present in any other transplanted regions. Overall, I think I've made it past the sensitive days following the operation and the grafts that are currently present are secure. I have become more comfortable feeling them and it's a little crazy! Just thousands of thick stubs surrounding my hair line. I will try and get a picture soon but am still a little timid to comb my existing hair off of them. I am also starting to pat shampoo on top of the grafts and even lightly work the suds in. I
  3. Interesting, I’m sure that’s possible for some. The data seems strong however that it dramatically decreases time to density: “In PRP treated group, after 1 month 60% of thepatients (n = 12) showed >75% density in comparison to none in non-PRP group." ... "After 6 months of hair transplant, all the patients (n = 20) had more than 75% follicle growth, wherein non-PRP group only 20% (n = 4) of patients showed more than 75% growth and rest 80% of the patients had follicle growth in the range on 50–75% [Figures [Figures33 and and4].4]. "https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5064679
  4. @Steeevedid you use minox before the transplant? If so, when did you return to using minox? Trying to think about how safe it is to apply minox to the wounds and grafts.
  5. Reading online it seems somewhat optional. I did a slightly more aggressive hair wash, I massaged the middle of my scalp as normal and used the shower head but still didn’t touch the grafts. I finally parted my hair a little to see the grafts and I don’t have any scabbing at all. Not sure if that’s normal or not, it may have been all of the misting. I’m hoping I didn’t mess anything up, still so nervous.
  6. Shoot, reading over the post op care instructions again it appears I missed something. I was supposed to apply the bacitracin ointment to the transplant area 3 days after surgery. @Steeevedid you do this? It still recommends to not touch the grafts while washing your hair until after the 7th day. I’ll wash my hair tonight with normal shampoo while taking it very easy on the grafts. I’m an absolute moron for missing that last line on the post op sheet.
  7. There have been strong studies done on prp in combination with transplant. I posted them above. Anecdotally, it also looks like the prp + transplant results @Steeevehad were awesome. He kept a majority of his grafts without the terminal period and had strong density at only 2 months in. We’ll see how it goes but I’m happy I decided to go with prp. I’ve been on finestaride and minoxidil for over a decade and am willing to invest in more to get some hair back at this point.
  8. I should clarify, I meant washing to the degree where I work the suds in over my scalp. I’ve been washing my hair but just by lathering my hands and the cup and working it into the back of my head and letting the suds work themselves onto the front of my scalp.
  9. I wash them but just by pouring soapy water on top of them like most instructions tell you to do. I read that the grafts aren’t 100% secure until day 14 with most of them being secure by the 9th day. I have been washing to the extent that I don’t touch the grafts.
  10. 7 Day Post Op Update The pain has gone away and the itching has kicked in full gear. I'm misting my head anytime the itching gets unbearable. I haven't touched the grafts at all and since my hair wasn't shaved, I'm unable to see the grafts themselves. I have been washing my hair by filling a cup with some baby shampoo and pouring it over my head. I think I will continue to not touch the grafts for another week just to ensure they are 100% secure. Dying for a real hair wash at this point but better safe than sorry. I also really want to see the grafts. I will post pictures here when I
  11. I’m not sure how much I bled but I definitely have some gnarly swelling like you did in your thread. I was careful not to bend foreword too much but my face still looks like I was beat with a tire iron. I have an addiction of collecting live corals/reef tanks which involves changing out large amounts of water. Today I had to lift some buckets that were 50-70 lbs and now my nose is so swollen I look like an elf. 🤦‍♂️
  12. I appreciate it man! I agree that 1,500 was appropriate. Dr. Arocha and I discussed 2,000 shortly before the surgery but since I was also doing PRP and that I decided to do a transplant sooner in my balding process, rather than later, keeping a lot of donor hair would probably pay out in the end. Judging from what you told me, the PRP could potentially have a nice impact on my existing hair so no reason to prematurely pack my hair line dense right now.
  13. Boy mine was painful, namely the strip incision. That stung bad for the first 3 days.
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