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  1. The problem with oral minoxidil is that you can never know for sure if by taking it you will grow hair in your head or in other parts of your body like back,chest etc.This is the difference between oral and topical minox,where the latter is applied on the scalp and stimulates the scalp hair growth and only.Another factor that needs to be taken into account before somebody is even considering starting oral minox is whether they are suffering from any heart diseases.From the little i know,oral minox can deteriorate the condition so i would be very cautious and sceptical before using it,at least
  2. Ok,iam not really sure how wiki works but i think everyone can edit a post or article there,all it takes is an account.That doesn't make PFS more valid or invalid.Irving's reseach is full of holes and inconsistencies,no scientific criteria were used to back up his theories,it was just guys claiming that finasteride caused them side effects but without providing any other detail or taking into account other important factors individually.Having said that,i would not take this study seriously,at least not more than i did before added in wiki.
  3. Ok i have to confess something here.Before i joined this forum i wasn't aware of dr Diep and his work at all,as a Eu citizen i was focused on doctors that are located in Europe.But since i became a member in HRN i run into some of dr diep results(like Melvin's outstanding result) and i was amazed at how good they turned out,now he is one of my most favorite doctors out there.And being equally good at performing both techniques sets him apart from doctors and clinics that perform FUE-only procedures.One of the best out there,if i lived in States he would be my first option,anyways happy growth
  4. Hello again my friend.I like your approach,the frontal part needs to be done first as this will give you the most significant cosmetic change by framing your face.You will not believe the final outcome,looking yourself at the mirror will certainly become one of your favorite habits It is a good thing that you started finasteride,this will help you in many ways,it will help you mantain your native hair and make you donor area stronger.3000 grafts seem to be exactly what you need to successfully restore the frontal part. Also you need to consider yourself to be extremely lucky that you
  5. Hello my friend ,welcome to the forum!How old are you?You hair looks fine to me,i don't see any reason for you to be considering having a hair transplant or starting finasteride,your crown is solid.You also seem to have thick hair,i don't see anything wrong going on with your hair. Perhaps you could have 1000 grafts for a small touch up in your hairline and temples,nothing more.Finasteride is for thinning crowns,yours is not thinning so it would not make any sense starting it.
  6. Hello my friend,thanks for sharing!!You chose one of the best and most reputable doctors in the world,Bisanga is one of my favorites! Do we have any information about the distribution of grafts ;How many were put in the frontal part ,mid scalp and crown?Also i would like to ask you if you know how many cm2 is the whole bald area that was covered,thank you in advance ,happy growing mate
  7. Although Dr Bernstein is one of the world's most reputable doctors,i would personally opt for Dr Bloxham if i were you.His results are outstanding,he is a talented doctor!
  8. Nice improvement,i cannot wait to see the final result!! You said that it does not seem so dense as you expected it to be,but i beg to differ my friend.Looking at your starting point this is an excellent result,and and there is more improvement to come!!I bet you already feel a new person my friend !So happy for you !Did the doctor inform you about how many grafts your donor area can give in the future and if you can have more fut ?Your laxity seems to be extraordinary!!!
  9. His results look wonderful and impressive,but... Nobody can be sure what these people will look like in 10 or 15 years from now.As we all know hairloss is an ongoing process that never stops. Given that fact,extracting such a massive number of grafts via fue can only mean one thing :that the extraction took place out of the safe area.Which means that many of these grafts will not survive in the long term. If a donor area can give ,lets say 7500 grafts via fue ,they should not be taken all in one procedure,but in smaller ones.Each procedure should give not more than 2500 grafts.T
  10. Hello my friend,first of all how old are you?Are you on any medication? You need to find a good doctor to assess your donor area. You can have a big session via strip and then if more grafts can be extracted you can go down the fue road. Your donor looks a bit weak so you must have it carefully examined by a good doctor before you decide to do something,and then come up with a conservative plan.
  11. Indeed there will always be a risk but the question we need to ask ourselves is what can we possibly do to minimize it. If a surgery performed by a good doctor leaves you with a result that doesn't meet your initial expectations you feel bad ,but at least you know that you chose the best and that what you got is the best you could get. Will someone be able to feel the same way if the surgery is done by techs or by a doctor who is not a known member in the ht community? I firmly believe that in the second case,you will be left with doubts as to how better things could have gone,h
  12. Here is the thing..Personally i would never consider having an HT in any turkish clinic,no matter how good some of their results appear to be.Exception to that is dr Erdogan but only if the surgery is being done by him. It seems that hit or miss is the rule in turkish clinics,and while we all know that in every ht there is the possibility of something going wrong ,choosing a turkish clinic increases the chances of that.What i hate most in this type of clinics is the fact that you almost never get the ht done by a doctor himself but by their techs,and while they may be good and experienced
  13. Amazing transformation..You must be overwhelmingly happy!!! Enjoy your new life my friend ,wish you the best!!!
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